A Soul for our Feast
A soul for our feast icon
Available to Dark Templar

Weapon Types Used One-Handed Sword
One-Handed Blunt

Effect Inherited weapon attack
Cooldown 60 seconds
The dark templar drains life essence from their target. As an added blasphemy, the essence is also bestowed upon the dark templar's teammates. Foul incantations accompany this blow.

After striking an opponent with A Soul for our Feast the Templar gains a lifetap buff. Each strike after returns a portion of damage dealt back as health to the Templar and his allies. Lasts 30 seconds. The combo can be improved with the Devourer's Might feat to increase DPS. In addition, the Dread Shadow feat will summon a pet for the Dark Templar when the highest combo level is used.


Icon Combo Level Lifetap Required Level Follow Up Attacks Stamina Cost (at level obtained)
A soul for our feast icon 1 1.6% 15 1(UL) 73
A soul for our feast2 icon 2 2.1% 20 3(UR) - 1(UL) 124
A Soul for our Feast III 3 3.0% 52 2(Mid) - 1(UL) 248
A Soul for our Feast IV 4 3.6% 80 3(UR) - 2(Mid) - 1(UL) 466