Raid DungeonsEdit

Raids in Age of Conan involve up to 24 people (a full complement is not always necessary, although desirable) tackling both Epic regular mobs (i.e. trash mobs) as well as Raid bosses. Class balance is of course at the discretion of the raid leader, but as general rule of thumb, two of each class is the standard setup. Conan's Hyboria contains a number of raid instances, each progressing in difficulty, with the top Tier 4 raid being the Jade Citadel, out in Paikang , Khitai . Currently there are 8 raid dungeons: 3 in Cimmeria , 4 in Stygia , 1 in Turan and 1 in Khitai . Thier are also T5 raids that are currently under development - one which is known to be in Dragon Spine, called The Palace of Cetriss. Thier are also reported to be further additional raids, but their locations is unknown at this time.


The three raid instances in Cimmeria together comprise the Tier 1 raid content. Tier 1 Epic Armor, Epic Weapons and Simple Relics I can be obtained from these bosses.


The raid instances in Stygia contain both Tier 2 and Tier 3.

Black Ring Citadel (Tier 2)Edit

The Tier 2 raid dungeons are contained within the Black Ring Citadel (BRC). The building is comprised on three wings - Wing 1, Wing 2, Wing 3. Each of the bosses drops a Tier 2 Epic Armor, Weapons and Simple Relics II.

  • Wing One - Gargoyle Master, Yaremka, Sabazious
  • Wing Two - Ahazu-Zagam, Incubus & Succubus, Seruah, Chatha the Demon Lord
  • Wing Three - Athyr-Bast, Leviathus

Thoth-Amons Stronghold (Tier 3)Edit

Tier 3 involves fighting your way through TA's stronghold, eventually confronting Thoth-Amon himself. Tier 3 Epic Armor and Weapons, Black Dragon Armor, Void Weapons and Simple Relics III can be obtained here (in addition to number of very desirable quest reward items).

  • Kharon, Diamone and Ixion
  • Hathor-Ka
  • Arbanus
  • Favoured of Louhi
  • The Keeper of Artifacts / Hollow Knight
  • Master Gyas
  • Thoth-Amon


Temple of Erlik (Tier 3.5)Edit



Jade Citadel (Tier 4)Edit

Khitai currently is the setting for the games only Tier 5 raid instance - The Jade Citadel. A high degree of competency is required. There are 7 bosses available, dropping Tier 4 Epic Armor, Accessories & Simple Relics IV.

Dragon SpineEdit

Otherworldly Junction (Tier 5) Edit

Tier 5 is a revisit of old bosses, though you have to enter the instance from Dragon Spine.

  • T5 Yakhmar
  • Champion of the Honorguard
  • Kyllikki
  • Vistrix

The Palace of Cetriss (Tier 6)Edit

Entrance is in Dragon Spine.

  • Yothians
  • Emerald Leviathan
  • Igneous, Stone Coat and Brittle Back
  • Lady Zelandra
  • Cetriss
  • Ethram

This raid is currently under development, along with additional raids, and with Age of Conan Game Director Joel Bylos stating they are, "planning on releasing some other raids as a part of the Tier 6 progression."

And as regards new AA's and T6 loot, he further stated, "These two are intimately tied together and we have a solid idea of how we are going to build player progression through Tier 6 raids and new content. I’m saving all the details for a future game director letter, but new weapon combos, new items and new ways to play your favorite class are all on the table!"

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