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News and Updates

Game Director Letter – April 2014

  • Patch 4.2 & Anniversary
  • Questions and Answers - Unchained Minigames, The Great

Hyborian Race, Dragon’s Spine Minigame Map & Palace of Cetriss, New Alternate Advancement Abilities and Loot Progression in Tier 5 raids.

Game Director Letter – March 2014

  • Recent Updates
  • Patch 4.2
  • PvP Daily Quests
  • PvP Festival Events
  • Slithering Chaos & Palace of Cetriss
  • Crafting

Game Director Letter – February 2014

  • World events
  • PvP Gear and class balance
  • Dungeons, Exploits and Tradeskills
  • Item Store Updates

Game Director Letter – January 2014

  • PvP Gear
  • All New Daily Quests

More News

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