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Ahazu-Zagams AbilitiesEdit

Ahazu Zagam looks like The Creature from the Black Lagoon. He spreads poison gas cloud that trails behind him, slowly filling up his chamber. Ahazu Zagam hits hard and it will take a geared and well played tank, and a full suite of healers to keep him alive. The key is to avoid his poison gas, and to kite him around the room in such a concerted way that the rest of the raid has room to kill him before it is all covered in poison gas. Priest of Mitra’s Holy Cleansing spell can help make this boss fight quite easy for a geared raid. Ahazu Zagam drops Wrists, Shoulders and a Simple Relic II.


The encounter starts on the boss's alter at the North end of his room and as it progresses he drops a poison cloud which the tank must move him out of. This cycle repeats fairly often so the tank must slowly tank Ahazu around the perimeter of the room and wrap back around as needed (this strategy and how it is done and in what pattern is totally up to the raid in the encounter).