Ai District
Level 80

Region Khitai
Zone Paikang

Player Limit 6

The Ai district has always been a home to the poor and the homeless. The streets are a maze of buildings, piled against each other in a haphazard fashion. It’s also where the Dark Legion garrison holds, with its elite soldiers and a commander who refuses to yield his position in the city; and Sxi Ai, a former noblewoman and whose very form and mind has become contorted by chaos. The heroes must fight their way through the district, fending off the hordes of Corrupted that they disturb and destroy the Dark Legion barricades to take back the district.

Strategy Edit

In AI District you don't need to use any AA abilities, and the dungeon is not directly hard, however it is not a beginner dungeon there are certain abilities that will hit quite hard on the players, so everyone should have decent gear and health pool. It's recomended that everyone at least have about 8k health.

AI District is filled up with trash mobs.Cavlary is one of the trash mobs to look out for, they do a relative big AOE damage. You can use all kinds of Crowd Control on the trash, so make sure you make the most of them. Especially Cavalry mobs should be chain CC'ed.

To get to the first Boss you have to pass some locked gates, you can open them with the catapults, either have a player use the catapult or use the NPC at the beginning of the instance. While your team is operating the catapult adds will spawn and attack the controller. Just burn them down, and continue to first boss.

Commander Yeng-Wang-Yeh

The Commander does Magic Cold Damage, so tanks need protection gear, and also Critigation Ammount (50% is best). It's recomended to use the Last Legion Protection set as a minimum or T3 and higher gear with protection. As long as you get around 45-50% protection and 40-55% Critigation Ammount you should be good. Blue Protection gear is not recomended to use, it is possible to get the commander down with it, but it's much harder, because of the critts you'll recive without Critigation Ammount, and generally low health, and threat levels.

It's not possible to move the commander and he is tanked where he is standing. He does frontal cone damage, so DPS need to stand behind or on the sides at all times.

Around the commander there's four pillars (fire<->cold, holy<-> unholy), when they become active they debuff the closest players, the players will take damage from the debuff, and over time the debuff will stack and do even more damage, unless the player moves out of range of the pillar. So basicly once the pillar behind you becomes active you simply move to another pillar before it stacks.

If the Tank moves and turn the boss the DPS must resposition. In part 1 of the fight only one pillar will be active at a time. So the Commander will for the most part be tanked and spanked, maybe moved a few times.

Part 2 will start at 25% or when the timer runs out(If the DPS is low it can start at 30-40%). In Part 2 of the fight all the pillars are active, and the team must rotate 1/4 every 5-6 seconds to avoid getting too many debuffs. Opposite pillars will cancel out each other debuffs, ie: if you have a Cold dmg debuff, and you move to the opposite pillar (fire pillar) and it is active it will remove the cold debuff. Before applying the fire dmg debuff.

Keep rotating and DPS the boss down. The hard part about this encounter is for the tanks to swap aggro if needed, because the protection gear will alter their aggro levels.

After the commander is dead, you'll find his head in the box, place it on the nearby stick to activate Sxi Ai in Godslayer Mode.

Sxi Ai

Close to the stick you placed the head, it's possible to jump down to Sxi Ai, and land on some houses there.

Tanks should wear mostly physical gear but with 20-30% protection overall(mostly from Passive AA). Sxi Ai does frontal cone damage, so dps need to stay behind her.

At 75/50/25% She will become enraged, and at this point you have two options, either have a tank kite her around, or have the player with Sxi Ai's corruption tank her. The rest of the team will have to kill 5 normal mobs that spawn in a nearby house. Once the mobs are dead Sxi Ai will become normal and it's back to Tank&Spank.

Sxi Ai's abilities:

  • Rampage: When she starts to cast this all players must run away and spread out, she will follow after a random player for a little bit, if anyone gets in her way or she hits the targeted player they will recive 50k damage.
  • Sxi Ai's Corruption: Debuff casted on random players. It does two things, the player is invulnerable to Sxi Ai's damage when she's enraged(75/50/25), but when Sxi Ai cast Tremor the player with the corruption will recive double damage.
  • Tremor: It's a area wide damage spell, everyone will recive around 4k damage, while the players with the corruption will recive double that.

To be able to survive this fight it's recomended to have around 8k health on all players.

Sxi Ai's loot in Godslayer mode is one Epic Khitai pants, the same types that drop in Enigmata of Yag.

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