Princess Akivasha
Level ?
Location Santrum of Burning Souls
Type Boss
Characteristics Human-like appearance

Princess Akivasha is a boss found in the Sanctum of the Burning Souls.


  • Real Name: Akivasha
  • Identity: Human turned vampire; Stygian
  • Occupation: Predator
  • Group Membership: None
  • Affiliations: Stygia; possible connection to the Black Ring
  • Enemies: Conan
  • Known Relatives: Tuthamon (father)
  • Aliases: Princess Akivasha; The Woman who Never Died
  • Base of Operations: Temple of Set, Khemi, Stygia; formerly Luxor, Stygia; Hyborian Age, possibly the Pre-Cataclysmic Age
  • Powers/Abilities: Akivasha is immune to the effects of disease and aging. She possesses enchanced human strength and survives off of the blood of living beings. She claims that her bite can make others immortal as well. She apparently sleeps in a sarcophagus. Akivasha is presumably a vampire, and if so would possess their typical powers and weaknesses, with some possible variation. She may or may not have been able to alter her form to become mist, or a wolf, bat, etc. She likely has some vulnerability to religious icons, although, like Varnae, these would probably only have been those which exist prior to her creation. She may or may not have vulnerability to sunlight, and the other various limitations of vampires. As she was only seen briefly, her powers and limitations are limited to speculation.
  • History:

Akivasha's history is unclear. She was apparently a Stygian Princess, in Luxor (circa 15,000 BC), or perhaps even earlier. She attained supernatural life by unknown means, possibly by becoming a vampire, or by other magical, likely demonic, means: "I am she whose only sin was that I loved life--and to win life, I courted death! I wooed darkness as his lover, and his gift was life... life that, not being life as mortals know it, can never fade! --I am the woman who never died--who, men say, was lifted into the skies by the gods in the full bloom of youth and beauty. But, men are fools...for, it is not in the skies but in the shadows that mortals may find immortality. Ten thousand years ago I died--that I might live forever!"

Whatever her nature, Akivasha's name became legend the world over. She apparently remained in Stygia, eventually coming to dwell at the Temple of Set, in Khemi, religious capitol of Stygia. There, she dwells in the shadows, living off of priests, magicians, or virgins captured and brought to her.

When Conan arrived at the Temple of Set, in search of the Heart of Ahriman, he was pulled aside by Akivasha as he stalked the corridors. At first he believed her to be just a fair-skinned maiden, and warily followed her when she offered in guiding him to Thutothemes, who had the Heart. However, within her chambers, as she sought to seduce him, he found the empty sarcophagus of Akivasha and realized her true nature. Nonetheless, she entranced him with her tale, and sought to make him her own: "Love me, O Man! Give me your blood to perpetuate my youth--and I will make you too immortal...for I weary of priests and magicians and captive screaming virgins! I desire...a man. Love me, barbarian--love me!" As her teeth pierced his neck, Conan overcame her spell and quickly hurled Akivasha away. He drew his sword and threatened to cut her in half if she approached him again. Suddenly, her chamber goes black and Conan rushed out of there in a mad panic, leaving behind her sweet, hellish laughter.

Source(s): "The Hour of the Dragon"