Alkmeenon is an ancient city in Keshan. The city lies deep within the jungle and sits above an eroded cliffside. Hordes of vicious apes guard the city from possible intruders. Alkmeenon is only accessible through a series of underground tunnels, which the priests of Keshan know the exact location of. Climbing the rugged cliffs is an inhumane task, which only Conan himself is known to accomplish, being an excellent climber from living in the hills of Cimmeria for a long time.

The city is home to the body of the ancient goddess Yelaya, who is an oracle for the priests of Keshan.

Alkmeenon also holds the ancient Teeth of Gwahlur, a Keshan treasure.

Conan once ventured into Alkmeenon to steal the Teeth of Gwahlur.