The Anaki are the people of the city-state, Anakia, in Shem.



Othbaal in Savage of the Sword #36

Othbaal was the leader of the Anaki in Shem. He lead a rebellion and asked the help of Akkharia, ruled by King Sumuabi, his cousin. Sumuabi of Akkharia started to gather mercenaries. The news arrived to the plateaus of Buryat where Conan the Barbarian heard them. Othbaal, in Akkharia, recruited men for the war. He spoke to the mercenaries who arrived at Akkharia. Akkharia gathered an army. Conan was part of the volunteers sent in help of the rebels.

Othbaal betrayed the Anaki giving them to the royal army, then set a trap up the volunteers who were all slain. Conan the Barbarian was the only survivor. Othbaal went to Asgalun. There, his cousin, King Akhirom, named him general of all the Anaki troups of the Town. Othbaal became one of the three most important Akhirom's lieutenants.

Biblical References[]

Biblically, the Anakim were a tribe of giants living near Gath, in Philistia. They were the Rephaim, or the "descendants of Repha". Besides Goliath, there were Ishbi-benob, Lahmi, and Sippai. The Anaki were possibly descendants of antediluvian giants.