Aquilonia is nestled east of the savage Pictish Wilderness, west of militant Nemedia, north of cutthroat Zingara, and south of the Cimmerian tundra. It has pleasant weather and rich farmlands fed by some of the largest rivers in the world. Hunting of game is common and plentiful here, while wilderness paths or civilized roads are patrolled by Aquilonian forces. At first glance, it's a peaceful kingdom of plenty built on a very pleasant stretch of Hyborian land

Alas, it cannot be so. Although the barbarian King Conan of Cimmeria has taken great lengths towards keeping his kingdom safe from outside threats and domestic squabbles, Aquilonia sees her share of unrest. Aquilonia has become a kaleidoscope of intrigue and hand-on-hilt politics. There are many people who call this land home, carving several invisible borders within the kingdom itself. Poitanians, Bossonians, Gundermen, and others lay claim to regions which now all exist under King Conan's rule.

The barbarian king rules from his throne in the capitol city of Tarantia, delegating his laws or edicts down through the cascade of titled and landed nobles. Tarantia is a walled metropolis of massive poportion, with blue and golden towers reaching high into the sky. A kingdom's worth of citizens from all corners of the world call this city home, protected in part by the high walls and its elite Black Legion army, the capitol's military force. Many travel vast distances to reach this place, the "Heart of Aquilonia", trying to claim part of its dazzling wealth and power for themselves.

The gates of Aquilonia.

Aquilonia's countryside is divided into countless noble estates and segmented villages, which are ruled by individual noble patriarchs, all of whom are supposed to owe allegiance to their king. Many do, but a few (some might argue more) are disgusted by a Cimmerian king and pay homage to the crown or banner in deed only, wishing great ill upon him. It's there, in their hollow hearts, that much of the kingdom's unrest is schemed. Perhaps if it weren't for the eternal squabbling and backstabbing amongst the nobles, Aquilonia would have enough strength to be an unyielding bastion against her many outside threats.

Although deadly when swept into them, Aquilonia's politics aren't the only risk on her rolling landscape. There are many dangers, even with the increased patrols and hired huntsmen, which threaten travelers here. Constant harassment comes from Nemedian mercenaries, Pictish tribes, and mysterious servants of ancient, darker forces. These grueling and merciless minions are bent on shattering what peace can be found in the kingdom. It's dangerous to travel too far from the guarded lands. So, many nobles keep hired guards (not much more than mercenaries themselves) for protecting their personal estates. To make matters more difficult, as if the relentless two-legged threats aren't bad enough, the hunters can only do so much in preventing the wolves, bears, wildcats, and larger predators from preying on entire families or lone travelers.

Even with such dangers, Aquilonia is one of the jewels of Hyboria. It is a temperate land of noble and proud people, with a lightly-obscured storm brewing beneath the surface of its grassy hills or ox-plowed wheat fields. Some day, sooner than King Conan can know, the silken curtains of Aquilonia will be ripped down and it will find itself at the mercy of its own devices.

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