Possible Classes:
Priest of Mitra
Dark Templar

Aquilonians are tall, but under 6 feet in height. Those living in rural or wilderness areas are lean and rangy. Although the same is true of some city-dwellers, many are noticeably overweight. "See yet the fat merchants of Tarantia that have taken the last of my coin" (Aquilonian lyric). The complexion of an Aquilonian varies with the area he is from. "...then there assembled his war host. The wire-thewed tawny lions of the north (Gundermen), and the brown-skinned warriors of the southern hills raised their spears..." (Fragment found in an Aquilonian tomb).

Aquilonia has an organized trade and currency. The regular coin is a luna. The currency is clearly strong, since the luna is used as a common coin throughout the continent. The country does not have a standing army, but a small force controlled by the king and levied troops from the various provinces. The army is mainly mounted knights, with Gundermen warriors and Bossonian archers forming the bulk of the foot. The Black Dragons are elite Aquilonian troops under the king's command. The Black Legion are troops that comprise the king's personal bodyguard.

Religiously, the worship of Mitra is the semi-official state religion. Other temples exist, including secret ones for the worship of Asura. Priests of Asura are recently in the favour of the king for they have been a valuable help against the Nemedian invaders. The Gundermen originally worshipped Bori, but after their association with the Aquilonians, adopted the teachings of Mitra.

In Age of Conan[]


Aquilonian Characters

“I found Aquilonia in the grip of a pig like you – one who traced his genealogy for a thousand years. The land was torn with the wars of the barons, and the people cried out under suppression and taxation. Today, no Aquilonian noble dares maltreat the humblest of my subjects, and the taxes of the people are lighter than anywhere else in the world.”

—Robert E. Howard, "The Scarlet Citadel"

After leaving Tortage and the Barachan Isles, Aquilonians will arrive in Old Tarantia.

The Aquilonians are a people divided behind a front of unity, and threatened behind a show of dominance. Their kingdom, the so-called Flower of the West, is the unrivalled jewel of Hyboria. It's a land of prosperous cities, great wealth, enlightened culture, and a king-sanctioned order of religious freedom, where no faith shall be oppressed. Yet, for all the kingdom’s vaunted glories and despite the actions of its popular monarch, King Conan I, it's a land where culture clashes and the chaos of unrest always threaten the populace.

In Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, playing an Aquilonian will ensure a varied and diverse gaming experience. Landing somewhere in the middle of the Cimmerians and the Stygians on many different levels, the Aquilonian is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to role-play a character that has not got as many stereotypical features pinned to him or her as the other races often have. It's easy to draw parallels between the Aquilonians and the Romans, mostly because both people are known for their highly-cultured society where structure is held in high regard. Perhaps that is why it can be even more exciting to take an Aquilonian and bring him or her into the extremes of life. It may be easy to role-play a battle-savvy Cimmerian or a cunning Stygian, but doing the same with an Aquilonian may open up fresh and fascinating ways of shaping your character.

Aquilonians know now, just as they always have, that their borders are neither safe nor sealed. Conflict with other nations scars Aquilonia’s history, with Pictish raids increasing in number year by year and enmity between Aquilonians and Nemedians reaching back for many decades. With the kingdom comprised of so many conquered, submissive or allied nations, Aquilonians also expect a degree of tension within their own lands. In the past, pretenders to the throne have raised armies and marched on the capital, Tarantia, plunging the people of the nation into periods of civil war. While the nation is ostensibly peaceful, all Aquilonians have come to expect a degree of bloodshed around their throne and over issues of sovereignty.

For all these epic troubles, the people of the world’s greatest kingdom are cultured and educated, more so than any other nation can claim of its citizens. Scholars are respected as much as soldiers, and slavery – where it's practiced – is nothing like as harsh as the servitude found in other nations. Quality of life is important to the Aquilonians.

Aquilonian fighters are disciplined and tough, often more soldier than warrior. The people value martial skill and admire any who stand against the nation’s many enemies, especially the hated Picts. Aquilonians also value free-thinking and independence, so those who can make a living off the backs of their own self-reliance often gathers respect. Sorcery is shunned as the pursuit of evil men, but Mitran priests practice their own magic and earn great respect among the populace for their perceived favor in the light of the true god’s grace.

Because of their toughness combined with their great discipline, Aquilonians make great Soldiers, and these can pursue the path of the Guardian, the Dark Templar, or the Conqueror. While the Aquilonians can’t become Mages, many of them still choose to tap into the higher powers by following the way of the priest to later become Priests of Mitra. Aquilonians are also known to be great Rogues, advancing into the roles of the Assassin, the Barbarian, or the Ranger. In short, an Aquilonian will give you plenty of choices as you progress through Hyboria.

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