While active Flamestrike, Shockstrike, Firestorm and Shockblast have no cool down times and the caster gains very high mana regeneration.

Archfiend's Pact
File:Archfiend's pact icon.jpg
Class Demonologist
Level first available 80

Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 3 seconds

Effect 138 points of damage, Heals 417, +969.5 Fire Damage (magic), +969.5 Electrical Damage (magic)

Effect over time 138 points of damage every 1 second, Renews 417 points of Mana every 1 second

Duration 30 seconds
An archfiend of hell visits the demonologist personally and for a short time the sorcerer gains very high mana regeneration and magic damage is greatly increased (stacks with Pact with Set and Bloody Pact with Set). The price is high and the demonologist suffers heavy damage and could even kill them.