"Fort Ardashir is clearly visible when you first visit Ardashir, 'and dominates the right side of 


the bay that leads out into the Vilayet sea beyond. As with the rest of Ardashir, and Turan in general, the Persian influence is evident in the architecture and style of the fort and its environs. The ornate pillars, domes and walls of the castle create an imposing setting. This is clearly a fortress of a powerful military force"

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The fort itself is surprisingly varied and large without getting tiresome to navigate. As they fight their way into the fort, they will come upon the massive courtyard where players find the first boss encounter, Commander Kamangir, mounted on his formidable war Rhino. Complimented by his elite archers on the walls above, players will face a dual threat, trying to avoid his lethal charges, as well as the dangers of the arrows raining upon them from above.

Players will then fight their way down through the sprawling halls, and its defensive measures, defeat several mini-boss style encounters, and continue to push downwards into the depths of the fort. They will eventually find themselves in the secret cave beneath the fort that hides the Ardashir fleet from prying eyes, and will get to face General Arman himself. The General is in league with an ancient evil being channelled by an evil witch who has the general in her thrall. The players will have to deal with the general and his evil accomplice.

The instance plays a little more like a traditional dungeon crawl, with some short cuts to be found, and some interesting environmental challenges alongside the dangerous forces.


Start by clearing the trash towards the first boss, while clearing the first boss will charge the group twice, use the small huts on the birdge to take cover from the boss, or he will instant kill anyone he runs over.

Quick notes on trash mobs: The trash used to be very hard in the Fort but have been nerfed and is now just more or less like trash in other dungeons.

Team setup for HM: 2xTanks,2xHealer,1xRogue,1xMage

Commander Kamangir[]

The boss stand in the middle of a large room, take notice of the area he stands on, you'll see some large stone bricks infront of the squared area the boss stands on. These stones are a safespot during the encounter, but don't stand on the corner stones, only on the side stones.

Start by pulling the boss, dps him untill he returns to the middle, then the boss will start to cast "Hail of arrows", if anyone in the team has not made it to the large stonebricks they will be rooted and take some damage. After the arrows cast he will start to cast "Rhino Charge", the boss will charge a random player. Whoever is targeted must run to the wall in a straight line as possible and at the last minute dodge the charge by sidestepping or by moving to the sides. If done successfully the boss will be stuck in the wall, and take more damage for the time he's stuck.

If the players don't succeed in doding the charge, whoever is hit will take massive damage, and be slowed down.

The players who are not targeted must make sure they don't accidently get hit by the boss by standing too close or in the path between him and the player.

After the charge, dps the boss, untill he returns to the middle again and repeat the charge. The team has 4 minutes and 30 seconds to kill the boss untill he enrages.


  • Don't attack the boss while he's standing in the middle and doing the "Hail of arrows", and charge casts, as he will deflect all damage back.
  • Don't stand on the grid, although you dont get rooted there, you'll take damage.
  • It's a good idea to spread out before the charge cast by using several sides, it makes it easier to see who's beeing charged, if in doubt, run to the wall as if your the one charged.
  • Kamangir has 605k Hitpoints, he does mostly Crushing damage, but also some piercing.

General Arman[]

Pull the General as far to the left side of the room as possible, the second tank stays behind on the right side ready to pull the adds that will spawn and kite them in a circle around the room, make the circle big enough so that the tank returns to the spawn point just in time for the next add.

Kill the boss on the left side, when the boss start to cast "Fatal Strike" everyone must run away from boss, or take heavy damage, Fatal strike can oneshot players with low health and migtatiuon.


  • Arman does Slashing Physical damage.
  • the adds spawn every 30 seoncds, and put a stackable damage over time spell on the kiter, so the boss need to die before too many adds have spawned or the kiter will eventually die from the damage recived.


Starting Godslayer Mode: Kill the lvl 40 crabs in the area.

Recomended group setup: 2xTanks,2xHealers,1xMage,1xRogue

Start the encounter by attacking Sodabeh, but ignore her after that and focus on the her adds, once the adds are dead Sodabeh will become active.

Two adds will spawn, they're named Firstborn and Secondborn, split the team into two groups, with tank,healer, and one dps in each. Tank the adds at the location they spawn, the adds have different modes, the dps in each group start to tank each add, when the adds switches mode second on hate list will get aggro(should be tank), the healer stands on the side of the crab and just heal or atleast makes sure he's third on aggro. It's important that the crab with the rogue in it's group has the highest health as this crab will always recive the heals that the rogue can remove.

FirstBorn & SecondBorn's Abilities:

  • Poison Breath:Relative large poison damage targeted at aggro holder, move to side of the crab to avoid it, the crabs can't turn while casting it.
  • Necrotic Death : It's a +Hinder debuff that stacks, giving +10% Hinder Movement each stack. It can stack upto 5 times, remove it by sidestepping.
  • Poison Pincer Wrack : Another +Hinder debuff, adds +50% Hinder Movement, Soldiers can use Resolve AA ability to remove it.

The Modes the crab toggle between are:

  • Blue : -250% Damage
  • Red : +25% Damage
  • Black : +250% Damage

The dps should have aggro when the crab has Blue icon on, and the tank should have aggro when the red icon is active. Black damage buff will only appear if the crabs are too close to each other, or one of them is dead.

The Rogue makes sure that "his" crab has the highest health and use Tainted Weapons to remove the heal when it's activated.

Make sure the last crab dosent have too much health left when one dies as the +250% damage hurts.

Once the crabs are down Sodabeh will turn into a giant crab. Tanks grab her and dps stand behind tanks, with healers in the back. Ranged dps can also stand further away from the team, they will not get hit by the ruin then, but will take damage from Shell shock.

Sodabeh's Abilities:

  • Necrotic Gaze: It's randomly cast on a player, it does heavy damage and stacks, players should remove it as fast as possible, the only way to remove it is for the player to sidestep.
  • Sodabeh’s Ruin : Debuffs the entire team(-4500 Armor) and -4% health each second, removed with Priests SF AA ability.
  • Shell Shock: It's a area damage that you can't avoid. All players will take 3-5k damage.


  • Sodabeh has 650k Hitpoints.


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Loot from Sodabeh in Godslayer Mode.