Armor Types[]

  • Cloth Armor
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Full Plate Armor
  • Shields
  • Cloaks
  • Jewellery

As well as the material the armor is constructed of, each type of armour comes in varying levels of quality:

  • Mundane
  • Superior
  • Enchanted (aka Greens)
  • Rare (aka Blues)
  • Epic (aka Purples aka T1's, T2's, T3's, T4's aka Khitai Purples) - Epic Armour Sets.
  • GM Armor (This is orange and can sometimes be seen on GM's in game from time to time)

Magic Armor[]

In addition to the plain varieties of armor available, both weapons and armor with additional characteristics is available. Types identified so far include:

Type Effect Description
Deft + Dexterity
Dense + Piercing Invulnerability
Enlightening + Intelligence
Fortifying + Constitution
Frenzied + Offhand Chance
Igneous + Fire Damage
Imbued + Max Mana
Invigorating + Max Stamina
Mighty + Strength
Mocking + Hate
Poised + Bow Damage
Purifying + Poison Invulnerability
Rejuvenating + Natural Stamina Regeneration
Replenishing + Natural Mana Regeneration
Repletive + Non-Combat Mana Regeneration
Revitalizing + Non-Combat Health Regeneration
Sagacious + Wisdom
Salubrious + Non-Combat Stamina Regeneration
Somatic + Health
Tempestuous + Electrical Damage
Tenacious + Slashing Invulnerability
Traveler's + Out of Combat Movement Speed
Umbral + Hiding
Unyielding + Crushing Invulnerability
Vexing + Taunt
Vitalic + Natural Health Regeneration

Culture Armor[]

Another type of armor is Culture Armor. These are high level, blue crafted armor sets. These armor pieces require rare materials to produce, but have substantially better stats than the generic blue crafted armors. Whilst not class locked, each class does have a set which is weighted, statistically, to suit them. They also require a base armor component, so can be quite resource intensive, although very lucrative. (Note: Thier are other cultural armors, in addition to these, however, these are considered the unofficial set for each class).

Culture Armor Sets

Epic Armor[]

Epic (Purple) Armor is that obtained through raiding - either directly from bosses or in exchange for Simple Relics. Each Class has a specific set, with applicable stats. Thier are currently 4 tiers of Epic Armour, as well as Khitai Epics.

Faction & Dungeon Armor[]

Each faction in Khitai offers armour, weapons and various other Faction items which can be bought, provided you have the correct resources or material. The main 'currency' with factions are Marks of Acclaim and Rare Trophies. Marks of Acclaim can be gained by doing faction repeatable quests. Although these quests are on a 20 hour cooldown, you can belong to up to 7 factions at any one time, so quests are plentiful, even early on.

There are two types of armour offered by a faction you can join - Faction Armour & Dungeon Armor. Each of these sets has 3 further subsets. For example the Last Legion has a protection set, a DPS set and a Hate Increase set. Additionally, certain Epic pieces only drop in Godslayer Mode of the Khitai 6-Man dungeons.

Faction Armour[]

Faction armour is purchased purely with Marks of Acclaim + Gold. The costs are as follows, and are the same no matter which Faction you are with:

Shoulder, Legs 90 Marks of Acclaim + 1 Gold
Chest, Hands 280 Marks of Acclaim + 1 Gold
Belt, Helm 500 Marks of Acclaim + 3 Gold
Feet, Wrist 980 Marks of Acclaim + 12 Gold

  • Note: The Faction feet & wrists are both Epics, and thus have a correspondingly higher gold cost. The other pieces are all level 80 blues.
  • Complete Khitai Faction Armour list.

Dungeon Armor[]

Dungeon Armor is purchased with one of four sets of tokens - Simple Trophies I, Simple Trophie II, Simple Trophie III and Rare Trophies. The tokens costs are as follows:

Belt, Hands 72 Simple Trophy I + 1 Gold
Feet, Wrists 128 Simple Trophy II + 2 Gold
Shoulder, Legs 200 Simple Trophy III + 3 Gold
Chest, Helm 196 Rare Trophies + 12 Gold

  • Note: The Dungeon chest & helm are both epics, and thus have a correspondinhly higher gold cost, in addition to the more difficult to obtain Rare Trophies.
  • Complete Khitai Dungeon Armour list.

The trophies required for Dungeon Armor can be obtained in two ways - bought from a Mystic Supplies trader NPC in exchange for Marks of Acclaim, or from running Khitai 6-Man Dungeons. However, Rare Trophies are only able to be obtained by doing the 6-Mans in Godslayer Mode (i.e. Hard Mode), or from the Refuge of the Apostate solo dungeon.

Epic Dungeon Only Drops[]

Although you can get complete Khitai Faction sets purely from Faction Vendors, doing so will mean certain pieces are only avaialble in blue if purchased. In order to obtain thier Epics version, you must do certain Khitai 6-Man dungeons in Godslayer Mode (Hard Mode). Each dungeon drops a certain piece:

Hands Abyss of Kun Whu, Coppice of the Heart, The Jade Dugout
Shoulders Den of the Crowmen, Palace of Yun Rau, The Cavern of Malice
Belt Palace of Yun Rau, Pillars of Heaven, Kang Pagoda
Legs The Enigmata of Yag

  • It should be noted that not every version of every piece is avaialbe in each dungeon specified. For example the Last Legion Generals Belt of the Battlements has only been seen to drop in Kang Pagoda, whilst the Generals Belt of the Watchtowers has only dropped in the Palace of Yun Rau. It is assumed, to date, that each varient will only drop in that dungeon.

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