Permitted Races
Specialize in Exotic Poisons or embrace Darkness to increase prowess.
Special Abilities rely on Soul Fragments
Rogue (archetype)
Lotus (Poison Damage)
Corruption (Unholy Damage)

Striking swiftly from the shadows the Assassin relies on quick attacks and cunning to defeat his opponents before they realize what has happened. Empowering himself either through embracing the darkness around him, or by using exotic Lotus extracts.

The Assassin is adept at quickly killing single opponents poisoning and corrupting their foes defenses and life. Either using the Corrupting darkness that surrounds the Assassin, or exotic Lotus extracts, the Assassin is adept at slaying foes.

Soul Fragments Edit

The Assassin's most lethal and beneficial abilites rely on Soul Fragments. The Assassin naturally regenerates one soul fragment every 10 seconds, and can have a maximum of 5 at one time. Using Miasma's, Lotus Extracts, or Embracing the Shadows can cost between 1 and 5 fragments per ability and...

Preview Edit

Hushed whispers from darkness are all that surround the Assassin. A pinch of poison in a water canteen, or a slip from the shadows is all it takes to make his opponents meet their fatal end. Using the shadows and poisons to defeat his foes the Assassin is the cunning stealthy damage dealer.

Wearing Cloth Armor to maintain his deft strikes and movements the Assassin is fairly susceptible to melee attacks. Often relying on trickery to keep his foes from attacking him directly.

Assassins who specialize in exotic poisons have various ways of dealing with enemies. Using Lotus has tainted the Assassin's blood, increasing resistance to poison and spell attacks. The Assassin can also ingest lotus to negate spell attacks or heal minor wounds. He/She can also experience a Lotus Overdose, increasing damage done and granting immunity to crowd control. Lotus also offers several crowd control abilities in addition.

Assassin's that prefer the cover of darkness to exterminate his foes are corrupted nearly to the point of being Vampiric in nature. Combined with cunning and connivery Corruption Assassin's strike fear into their opponents. Manipulating the darkness the Assassin can create horrifying images, striking fear into his opponents. Further embracing the darkness the Assassin can unleash his Vampiric nature, bewitching foes who look upon his ghastly visage, or siphon the life and stamina from his opponent with every strike of his dagger.

Whether choosing Lotus or Corruption the Assassin also has several Miasma's at his disposal. Miasma's increase in power if the target is afflicted with Slow Death Strike and/or Grim Corruption.

Miasma: Face Stab - Basic for all Assassins. Consumes Grim Corruption and Slow Death Strike. Deals increased damage for each effect consumed.

Miasma: Lotus-Coated Dart - Located in Lotus Tree. Consumes Slow Death Strike to do poison damage over time. Consumes Grim Corruption to slow the targets movement.

Miasma: Soul Strike - Located in Corruption Tree. Consumes Grim Corruption to detonate in Unholy damage after several seconds. Consumes Slow Death Strike to stun the target.

Role Edit

Assassins are expected to deal damage along with harassing foes with various debuffs and crowd control abilities. Corruption and Lotus do comparable damage, and its best to choose the one that suits your playstyle.

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Priest Priest of Mitra - Tempest of Set - Bear Shaman
Soldier Conqueror - Dark Templar - Guardian
Rogue Barbarian - Ranger - Assassin
Mage Herald of Xotli - Demonologist - Necromancer