Atzel's Approach
Level 60 - 75
Region Cimmeria
Type Adventure Region
Connections Lacheish Plains
Ymir's Pass
Dungeons Atzel's Fortress
Halls of Eternal Frost
Vistrix's Lair

Between the settlements within the gray realm of Cimmeria and the prosperous spires of Nemedia’s great cities, brigands or would-be rulers carve out hordes of territory within a disparate and chaotic land. The prize of the Border Kingdoms, within the grasp of the bandit-king Atzel, is the main pass into Cimmeria—used by humble traders and merchant-princes alike. Control over this pass keeps Atzel’s bandit minions well-paid, well-fed, and well-armed.

Gripped by a cruel winter, the mountain passes of this lawless region are choked with ice, while snow-laden winds howl through the canyons, sounding to mortal ears like the cries of a dying god. Any who set foot in this area walk into the frozen heartland of Atzel’s power, falling under his sight as he watches all transpiring in his realm from the highest windows of a great fortress. Atzel’s Approach, the region leading to the bandit-lord’s castle, is a land teeming with thieves and brigands banding together under their master’s banner.

Some tell stories of Atzel’s death at the hands of Conan the Cimmerian some years ago. But, if these tales are true, how then does the bandit-king walk once more? Why do lawless killers from across Hyboria answer his call to arms? Why does an army of bandits flood the high passes of Cimmeria, killing and plundering in his accursed name?

Ruins jut from the scarred land of Atzel’s Approach, the broken bones of a long-dead civilization. An ominous shadow falls upon these ruins, an unholy silhouette of inhuman size and shape. The word dragon passes many lips in a fearful hiss. Others whisper demon, and pray to their gods for protection. Whatever the truth, a great unease bleeds through the region. Were neighboring kingdoms not so concerned with the invasions ravaging their borders, Hyboria’s rulers would look to Atzel’s lands with grim resolve in their eyes and blades in their hands. Evil breeds here unopposed—that much has become clear.

Deep within the canyons and upon the mountainsideg, bandit armies toil alongside Stygian sorcerers among the shells of decayed settlements, pulling ancient relics from the earth and hoarding them for purposes unknown to all others. It seems Atzel has forged an unusual alliance in recent months. Time will tell what the unexpected ties between the bandit-king and the Stygians will spell for Hyboria.

Resurrection Points[]

Atzel's Approach has the following resurrection points:

  • Aelfrith Camp (267,49)
  • Skammestein (359,445)
  • Atzel's Fortress (730,715)
  • Ivoryvale (925,141)
  • Halls of Eternal Frost
  • The Lair