Bêlit is the self-styled "Queen of the Black Coast" and captain of the pirate ship Tigress. She is a Shemite woman who, with her pirate crew, patrols the coast of Kush and western shores of the Black Kingdoms.

Bêlit encountered Conan when she and her pirates raided the very ship he taken refuge on, the Argus, while outside the coast of Kush. Her pirates slaughtered the crew of the Argus, but as Conan, who managed to climb aboard the Tigress, was dealing death upon a great number of her own crew, she stopped her pirates from attacking him. Because Conan was unlike both the civilized men of Hyboria and the barbarians of the south, Bêlit immediately fell in love with him. Conan joined Bêlit as a pirate, plundering villages and ships along the coast.

My love is stronger than any death! I have lain in your arms, panting with the violence of our love; you have held and crushed and conquered me, drawing my soul to your lips with the fierceness of your bruising kisses. My heart is welded to your heart, my soul is part of your soul! Were I still in death and you fighting for life, I would come back from the abyss to aid you--aye, whether my spirit floated with the purple sails on the crystal sea of paradise, or writhed in the molten flames of hell! I am yours, and all the gods and all their eternities shall not sever us! - Bêlit ("Queen of the Black Coast")

They reached the river of Zarkheba, where Bêlit previously assaulted a Stygian galley which fled up the river. She waited for the ship to return at the river's mouth, and a few days later her prize eventually floated out. Mysteriously, only one member of its crew was found alive and he had gone mad. Together, Conan and Bêlit sailed up the river to discover what lay there, having heard rumours of a great city.

They find an ancient city which they begin plundering, before realizing the city itself wasn't completely deserted. A prehistoric winged ape-like creature quickly destroys their water supply. With the water in the Zarkheba being too unclean to drink, Conan and twenty of the crew went into the jungle in search of drinkable water. Here, Conan falls under the spell of the Black Lotus and experiences a dream-like trance. While Conan was dreaming, most of the men who accompanied him into the jungle were attacked by the winged creature. When Conan awoke from his trance, he found that all of them except one, their chief N'Gora, had been pushed off a cliff. N'Gora had gone mad, and attempted to kill Conan, without luck, ending up dead himself.

When Conan returned to the Tigress, he found the rest of the crew slaughtered and Bêlit hung from the ship's mast. The winged creature tried to kill Conan. However, Bêlit, fulfilling her prophecy, came to his rescue even in death and protected Conan when he was stuck down, unable to protect himself.