What are battlekeeps?[]

Battlekeeps are structures that players can build and maintain in the Border Kingdoms. Throughout the Border Kingdom there is a limited amount of areas where battlekeeps can be built, there's space for eight keeps per server. Because of the limited amount of space, other guilds will most surely come and try to take it away from you or even destroy it completely through the use of siege engines such as catapults. By using collected resources such as iron, stone and wood, players can build upon these battlekeeps, constructing walls and even stables to house the cavalry. It is also possible to add computer-controlled guards to these.

What are the benefits to maintaining a battlekeep?[]

If a guild has found or captured a battlekeep site, it will be able to start constructing buildings there. Each building within your battlekeep will grant a bonus that will affect some or all members of your guild. Buildings include the blacksmith, the temple, the alchemist workshop, the university and more. While the temple may benefit healing classes within your guild, the university might provide a bonus for all spell casting classes and your guild will need to prioritize what to build.

How can another guild capture your battlekeep or tower?[]

We realize standing on guard twenty-four hours a day is no fun, so there will be specific periods when a battlekeep is open for attacks. An attacking guild will have to construct a war tent outside your battlekeep and you and your guild will have a limited amount of time to muster your forces and prepare your defense. The attacking guild will then have to bring down your structure by any means possible, both attacking with swords, horses, bows and axes, but also with siege engines.