Bente is the daughter of Derketo, Stygian goddess of fertility, and a mortal.

Centuries ago, the ancient kingdom of Vendhya had a power struggle between the followers of Asura, the old god preached by the ruling Brahma caste, and a newly risen shamanistic belief in natural deities. As there was trouble brewing between the priests of Set and followers of Derketo, in Stygia and Kush alike, Derketo decided to aid the Brahma caste, as Asura is an old rival of Set. So, through various dark schemes, Derketo helped the Brahma caste maintain their power over Vendhya. At the forefront of the followers of the new deities was Skrelldron, a prominent member of the Kashatriyan warrior caste.

Derketo disguised herself as a priestess, seduced Skrelldron, and gave birth to his child. The news of Skrelldron conceiving a child for Derketo sowed disbelief in the people prone to the new deities, and was one of the reasons that support for the rise of natural deities collapsed. Bente, being a demi-god and half-mortal, was left to find her own followers. In Kush, Bente was finally acknowledged as the daughter of Derketa, the malevolent Queen of the Dead, and became the goddess of violent deaths. She is the deity of choice for many a warrior, before evolving into a goddess of war and battle. Bente is worshipped at her temple, the Mill of Blood, in Meroe - capitol of Kush.

"I am a goddess. A thousand years ago there descended upon me the curse of the greater gods, the gods of darkness beyond the borders of light. The mortal in me died a violent death; the goddess in me could never die. Here I have lain for so many centuries, to awaken each night at sunset and nurture a select army of Sons of Bente, all destined to fight the specters of dark and foul magic."

—Robert E. Howard, "The Goddess in Meroe"

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