Black Castle
Level 31 - 41
Region Stygia
Zone Khopshef Province
Boss Count 5
End Boss Remuses
Player Limit 6

In the sothwestern portion of Stygia lies the Black Castle of Khemi. An arcane sucture built atop the sheer cliffs of the Horn, which faces out on the River Styx. The Black Castle rests on the highest point of the peninsula, guarding the mouth of the Styx against foreign incursion. On The Horn itself, dark, smoky temples huddle beneath the fortress' walls. Consturcted from obsidian, this fortress catches both the morning and evening light. Braziers dot the structure.


Rhe Black Castle is a 6-man instance located in South-Eastern Khopshef Province(1070, 201). It is the first typical group dungeon accessible in AoC. Players will need to take the Ship Captain from Khemi to Khopshef province then proceed to walk to the dungeon on foot. The instance is fairly accessible for newcomers and with rewarding loot drops and multiple quests, it is a great stop for low level players to make on their trek to 80.


The instance itself is spread into multiple chambers, the first being the "Main Hall". From the left and the right of players first zoning into the instance are Two staircases leading down to the "Castle Cellar". Inside the castle's cellar, one will find the initial bosses: Malefic Mutation & Ravenous Defiler; which are located in the hole in the wall of the cellar. After heading back up to the Main Hall you should go straight ahead, as if you had just zoned inside, and proceed to the large staircase leading upwards which will take you to the "Halls of Havoc". There, one will encounter the third and only boss of the Halls, Fenyang. Fenyang is encountered going either right or left after the Flames Challenge and proceeding to the Spartan Hole. Players taking the left path should note that the Hall inside the room to their left side leads to "Remuses Tower" and not Fenyang's room. After defeating Fenyang players should make their way to "Remuses Tower", as mentioned before, and follow the corridors leading to the two final bosses, Grimask and Remuses.

Black Castle Challenges[]

The Architect will give a quest to complete the three challenges of Black Castle, slightly reminescint of Indiana Jones. The challenges begin on the second floor of the dungeon, labeled "Halls of Havoc".

First Challenge: The first of three challenges within Black Castle is a hall filled with flames, which will instantly kill ANYONE. Have two of your group mates stand on the first two pressure pads so the rest of your team can cross through. Send your tank, one healer, and two dps through at first in case they pull either of the adds at the very end. Once cleared hold the pressure pads on that side so your team mates may come through.

Second Challenge: The second challenge will be just around the corner. A giant light will be shining down from an "Eye of Set". Any ranged spells, must be aimed at the eye and shot out for you to pass, otherwise an undamagable snake will come out and attack your group.

Third Challenge: The final challenge will be inside the next area "Remuses Tower". Upon reaching the second group of adds a massive boulder will tumble down your hallway. Stand inside the indentations within the wall to avoid it, for it will instantly kill anyone, including the adds.


Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
Conflicting Interest Seth-Ur Khopshef Province
The Aberration Ngozi Khopshef Province
The Swindler's Game Sebak Khopshef Province
The Architect's Challenge The Architect Black Castle
Creature of Havoc Examine diagram at (293.1, 340.1) Black Castle
Breaking the Spell Thrrkal Khopshef Province

Loot & Bosses in order[]

--Malefic Mutation--

--Ravenous Defiler--





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