Black Ring Citadel
Level 80
Region Stygia
Zone Kheshatta

Player Limit 24

“On the mountain side overlooking Kheshatta stands The Black Ring Citadel. Inside its closed gates the Stygian mages conduct research, breath life into rock and create plots to increase their influence and power in the world of Hyboria. Unwelcome visitors will encounter nameless evil and boundless terror if they dare to journey into this heart of darkness.” Henning Solberg, Associate producer on Age of Conan

The Black Ring Citadel (BRC) is one of the high-level dungeons in Age of Conan, meant for high-level players. It's a raid dungeon, meaning you can be up to 24 people in the instance at the same time.

Censored NPC

Excorant the golem master

History[edit | edit source]

Only occultists high in the mazes of the hideous Black Ring possessed the power of the black hand that dealt death by its touch. Robert E. Howard – The Hour of the Dragon

The infamous home of the Black Ring is buried deep beneath an ominous mountain that looms behind Kheshatta, city of magicians. This coven of the darkest sorcerers in all Stygia is led by the all-powerful Thoth-Amon, earth’s mightiest practitioner of black magic. Within its torch lit halls foul sorcerers perform hellish conjurations, vile experiments and consort with fiends from the abyss.

Its pillared halls, adorned with snake idols and the architecture of Set, are marvelous to behold though seeing them leaves one with an inevitable chill. How many screams have echoed through these passages? How much hot blood has been spilled upon its altars? What abominations wander the passageways and dungeons?

Dark clouds gather over Kheshatta and the sorcerers of the Black Ring recklessly attempt even greater violations of natural law. The power of dark magic is growing and the Black Ring seeks to exploit it, disregarding the cost and danger of such wild experiments. Slowly they have withdrawn into their stronghold, abandoning the city, Stygia and the outside world.

Villainous members of the Black Ring such as Sabazios the Insane and Excorant the Golem Master dwell defended by companies of elite Stygian guards and apprentices of the dark arts. Horrors such as Yarekma the Soul Eater or other unnamed entities also lurk within.

Any assault would be doomed but if the fate of Hyboria is in the balance then the brave, foolhardy and desperate might attempt such an epic conquest; to fight the monstrous titans and power maddened necromancers within.

Amazing Level of Detail

A Demon from Black Ring Citadel

Quests and Attunement[edit | edit source]

The attunement for Black Ring Citadel was removed from the Patch 1.06.1 on February 10th, 2010. This was done to allow accessiblity to the teir 2 raids in light of adding teir 3 and the Rise of the Godslayer expansion. The only requirement for accessing the Black Ring Citadel now is being level 80.

Note: To get keyed for Tier 3, you still need to do the Master of the Silver Peacock quest chain so that you can complete "The Immortal Hand" quest.

Master of the Silver Peacock[edit | edit source]

Objective: Collect the Tooth of Vistrix

This quest is obtained from the Destiny Quest NPC named Kalanthes who can be found in Keshatta at "Lions Watch/Point". He starts a small chain where you´ll have to talk to another NPC named Cha in Keshatta city.

This quest chain is easy to solo, it will eventually lead you to a quest entitled "Master of the Silver Peacock", which can be found listed under Kheshatta, NOT Black Ring Citadel, in your journal. Ignore all other Black Ring CItadel quests, they have nothing to do with attunement and there is no rush to get them.

Before you can pick up this quest you must have completed your level 80 Destiny quest deep in the Soul chambers of Onyx Chambers (Kill the Grim Grey God).

Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
Army at the Gates of the Abyss Dexitheus Castle of King Conan
Bowls of Set Kalanthes Kheshatta
Dragons over the Citadel still available? Kheshatta
Fangs of the Ring Tuktopet Kheshatta
Master of Gargoyles Cha Kheshatta
Minions of the Living Stone Cha Kheshatta
Mistress of the Shadows Hashima Kheshatta
Stone to Flesh Stone Shard Wing 1
The Cursed Treasure of Constantius Kalanthes Kheshatta
The Hunt Kalanthes Kheshatta
The Immortal Hand Kalanthes Kheshatta

Zone Bosses[edit | edit source]

Black Ring Citadel: Wing 1 Encounters[edit | edit source]

Black Ring Citadel: Wing 2 Encounters[edit | edit source]

Black Ring Citadel: Wing 3 Encounters[edit | edit source]

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