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Improves the Blood Flow spell increasing the bear shaman's melee damage

5 ranks, Tier 4

Insta cast

Duration 2m (ie cast Blood Champion, you then have 2mins in which to cast your next Blood Flow then the damage buff starts)

Duration of damage buff 12s

40s cooldown at Tier 1 (may reduce to 30s cooldown at Tier 5, not confirmed)

On activation ability. The next Blood Flow applies a 12s damage buff (20% at rank 5, presumably 4/8/12/16/20% progression).

Apparently this does multiply up combo damage which is where the bulk of your damage is done.

Someone has done testing and found that 4 mutiplier feats stack.

They are

Weight of the World

Empowered Renewal

Blood Champion (this feat)

Aspect - Blood Fever

Battle Roar also adds 3% but this wasn't tested.

These 4 feats, triggered at the appropriate time, along with taking the Rupture feat, will make your damage very "burst-like".

"Burstlike" damage is good in PVP for finishing off opponents before they get a chance to heal.

But the above doesn't necessarily mean that you should get all these feats, just a heads up that they stack.