Blood Flow
AoC Bloodflow S
Class Bear Shaman
Level first available 10

Targeting Mode Friendly Self Centred Area Spell
Range 120 degree Arc, 6m radius
Casting Time 0.5 seconds

Recast 3 seconds
Effect Heals X

Effect over time Heals X every 1 second (20.5 seconds)

Type Healing spell
Duration 20.5 seconds

Places a powerful healing effect on friendly targets in a cone in front of the caster. It will also place a moderate healing effect on the caster. Blood Flow is the Bear Shaman's blue heal.


Nature's Wrath: All of the shaman's attacks trigger the Nature's Wrath effect which can stack up to 10 times. When this effect is active, Blood Flow gains an extra healing effect. Additional stacks increase the power of this extra healing. Investing feat points increases the base amount healed by the extra healing effect.

Wrath feat tree - Tier 1 [5 Ranks]

Blood Warrior: Improves the Blood Flow spell by increasing the damage done by the Bear Shaman's melee attacks for a short period of time.

Spirit feat tree - Tier 1 [5 Ranks]

Balance of Nature: Augments the Blood Flow healing prayer so it also restores Energy and Stamina of the shaman and their allies.

Spirit feat tree - Tier 2 [5 Ranks]

Blood Champion: Further increases the shaman's damage after casting the Blood Flow spell.

Spirit feat tree - Tier 4 [5 Ranks]

Blood Healing: Improves the Blood Flow prayer by increasing the amount of healing it does.

Spirit feat tree - Tier 8 [5 Ranks]


Rank 1 - 47 mana - Level 10

Rank 2 - 87 mana - Level 25

Rank 3 - 121 mana - Level 50

Rank 4 - 157 mana - Level 55

Rank 5 - 184 mana - Level 70

Rank 6 - 203 mana - Level 80