Blood for Aid
Blood for aid icon
Available to Dark Templar

Weapon Types Used One-Handed Sword
One-Handed Blunt

Effect Inherited weapon attack
Cooldown 15 seconds
The dark templar dedicates the blood spilled by this strike to the dark powers of the underworld. The victim is more susceptible to crushing and slashing attacks, and all melee attacks against them have an increased chance to hit.

An opponent struck with Blood for Aid gains a debuff that decreases invulnerability to crushing and slashing attacks by -5%. The length of the debuff increases with the combo level. Can be improved with Hexer's Might to cause more damage upon striking.


Icon Combo Level Required Level Follow Up Attacks Duration Stamina Cost (at level obtained)
Blood for aid icon 1 7 3(UR) 12 25
Blood for aid2 icon 2 20 3(UR) 20 71
Blood for aid3 icon 3 36 1(UL) - 3(UR) 12 169