As king, Conan has opened up the Border Kingdoms for conquest. The constant strife from other nations in the area has let him grant prerogatives to whoever holds this region. The border kingdom will once and forever be part of the great Aquilonian Empire. As befits the legend of the king himself, only those with the strength of will and sheer ferocity for hard fought combat will emerge victorious in these most challenging of environments. 

Border Kingdom

Border Kingdom in Hyboria map.

Bloody and hard fought, these battles will be just as integral to the life of guilds that enjoy PVP in Age of Conan. Entire guilds will lay their reputations and honor (or dishonor in some cases) on the line to hold the coveted battlekeeps.


Using the village building technology, guilds can find a sponsor and build their own castle in the Border Kingdoms. This will have to be defended against other guilds. You must destroy enemy walls, towers, and defenders before razing their keeps and castles to the ground. The ones holding areas in Border Kingdoms will gain bonuses to their guild. Let the best Siege engines win!

The buildings and keeps destroyed in PVP will be permanently gone, but you can of course rebuild when the heat of battle has calmed down.

City building locations are pre-planned in the world and have different advantages. Some might have better access to resources for example, while others will be in better tactical position. So whether a spot is better than another depends on what it offers in comparison to what you want.

If you are in a Guild that isn't large enough to build and support your own Battle keep, there will be smaller pre-built towers that you can capture and hold, while not attaining the full benefits of a large Battle Keep, the smaller guilds still get some bonuses.

Atzel's Approach lies within the Border Kingdoms.

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