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Cimmerian Village

Typical for Cimmeria, Broken Leg Glen is a deep valley surrounded by steep mountains and cut by a cold river running through its center. Positioned between the controversial Venarium and the battle-torn Conall's Valley, it has its share of travelers simply "passing through" to reach other parts of Cimmeria beckoning to their sense of adventure.

Some may come just to see the stretch of land that gave birth to King Conan himself, and the rest of Clan Conarch. For those who choose or are chosen to stay in the Glen, they are likely to have adventure thrown upon them.

The rocky soil and frequent rain or snow, depending on the season, make agriculture a difficult endeavor that many families simply do not have the resources to maintain. Even so, there is a life to be carved from Broken Leg Glen, and many do. There is a rather large village, at least by Cimmerian standards, that is home to many. It is arguably the most civilized settlement in the nation, and is home to a number of families. A large waterwheel-driven grain mill grinds out flour and mash for the Glen's families to use, powered by the cold water that rushes down the river from the mountaintops.

Game animals are plentiful and hunting is a household practice. Some families have taken to raising livestock, keeping them in small numbers to avoid attracting the numerous predators that stalk the forests. Bears and wolves are a constant threat to lone travelers. These mighty hunters have been responsible for the deaths or disappearances of livestock, children, and even full grown villagers.

The beasts of Broken Leg Glen are hardly the only threats, however. With the red-haired Vanir moving in on nearby territories from the frozen north every week, there have already been "Vanir sightings" in the Glen. Some dismiss these as rumor; others are already sharpening their axes and tightening their armor straps down for an impending battle. Some wonder that they may be coming for simple conquest; others believe they are after the renowned blue iron ore that is used to make the fabled Cimmerian Blue Steel. The mysterious and powerful metal would be a boon to an invading force to be sure, if they could also steal the secrets to forge it.

The invasion is not the only thing that keeps Broken Leg Glen at arms. There are darker rumors too; whispers of a deeper evil from the area's past that has crept out of their nightmares. Likely it is nothing more than old fears, but those who remember are not taking any chances.

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