Bubshur is a small village in the Khopshef Province of Stygia, with a constant merchant traffic from Khemi. Here, one may hear stories of the ancient pyramids which lie along the river Styx. One legend tells of an enigmatic oracle of the Shemite goddess Derketo, who braved the haunted lands around a pyramidal tomb and laid claim to a temple structure adjoining the ancient pyramids, where his loyal followers serve his every whim. The local fishermen, who risk the crocodile-infested waters of the river Styx, speak of a bleak island west of Pashtun and the strange ruins located there, said to be a temple dedicated to gods who were old when Atlantis still rode above the waves.

The principle industry of Bubshur is fishing, and most of the catch is taken to market in Khemi. Shipments of salt, mined from the flats near the village of Hep-Kab, or caravans from the Medjool Oasis in the south, often stop here on their way to the markets of Khemi.