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Collectors Edition Revealed[]

The Collectors Edition of Age of Conan has finally be revealed.

Tentonhammer has Part 1 of a video interview with Funcom detailing what's there. Go here for Part one of the interview. More to come when loaded to TTH
Or go here for the full details on the Collectors Edition!


CES 2008: Age of Conan Update[]

Age of Conan was one of the few games here at CES 2008, being demoed at the Microsoft Games for Windows booth. On display were a few types of characters – a magical Demonologist and melee-focused character tossing spells and swinging axes at a few enemies...
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Gaming Fan visits CES[]

Member "TheFatKidDeath" from the AoC Forums has posted some information from a user in their gaming group and their impressions on AoC. It's short, simple and mostly techy type info. Some might find it useful :)
Thread on Official Forums and Age of Conan[]

Sitting down with Age of Conan: Hyborean Adventures today was something of a wakeup call for me. I've enjoyed my previous exposure to the game, but I've never had that 'I get it' moment. You know that moment, every MMO has it. In World of Warcraft it's the first time you start a quest; in Tabula Rasa it's the first time you fire your gun; and in Lord of the Rings Online that moment comes when you look up and behold the majesty that is the Shire. For me, Conan's moment was when I finally 'got' the combat.
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Hands-on with the Dark Templar[]

The Consumer Electronics Show has hit Las Vegas in full force. The Massively team is here to roam the corridors of shiny, shiny, shiny gadgetry and ignore it all to to focus entirely on the content that is important to you. And that would be the shininess of Age of Conan.
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Game Trailers has some new combat footage up from CES2008. Seems pretty smooth and looks like the animation is on the up and up.

Game Trailers Barbarian Video

Gamespot have a Microsoft Both Tour available and showcase Age of Conan during the video. About 8minutes in you can watch the Funcom presentation with our enigmatic Jørgen at the front line.

Microsoft Booth Tour skip ahead about 3/4 of the way (8min mark)

Tentonhammer have some more videos up (and there are a lot more to come) first up is some actual gameplay footage of Fields of the Dead, a level 40ish zone.

TTH Video of Fields of the Dead

Funcom Images from CES[]