Chatha The Demon LordEdit


Chathas AbilitiesEdit


  • Satorous Group - One Tank class, One healer and the rest prefferably Melee DPS.
  • Chatha DPS Group - Three to four Necromancers Specced in Reanimation Tree and around two or three Demonologists. Specing for survivability a must.
  • Two Utamon Groups - Three to Four Tank Classes are a must for this group. Rangers and DPS with roots or AOE Slows should be in this group as well.
  • The room has invisible holes in the floor. They are on the flat sides off the middle. If you need to leave the middle you need to leave from a corner of the middle box. RUNNING OUTSIDE OF THE MIDDLE, NOT FROM THE CORNER, AND YOU WILL FALL. Safest area is between the middle and the stairs.
  • Necromancers spec'ed for Reanimation Melee damage are encouraged for the Boss DPS Group
  1. Everyone goes through the lower level past the ribcage to the stairs. Going half way up the stairs will de-aggro the Bottom Feeders.
  2. Necromancers need to bring up all Melee pets they can.
  3. Everyone will rush the boss and try and do as much DPS as possible at the start of the fight. Then he will warp.
  4. Utamon Groups needs to head to the top of the stairs.
  5. Once the boss Warps he spawns 4 Utamons and 1 Satorous.
  6. Satorous Group stays towards the middle. Satorus Tank needs to pull the Satorous away from the Utamons as fast as possible and bring them to the Melee Satorous group to kill quickly. Use Diagonal corners out of the middle if you have to pull the Satorous away
  7. Utamon Tanks need to grab Utamons and pull them towards the stairs. Rangers should have traps close to the Utamon group so they get rooted. Utamons need to shrink before you can DPS them. Stun, Root or slow them until they shrink. DPS as fast as possible. Utamon Tanks need to get back to the middle to pull more Utamons within 25 seconds, so if your a tank with no aggro go back and get ready again.
  8. Chatha Group needs to send all pets and begin DPS'ing the boss. Pets will be dying and need to be respawned constantly as they will be tanking the boss. Hopefully you spec'ed for some survivability!
  9. At 60% Chatha changes form. Tanks need to take the front and back of him and trade aggro between the front and back. He attacks in a frontal cone, so when swapping aggro he needs to turn around!!! If tanking doesn't work he can be kited, but people need to know where the holes are and avoid them.