When playing a MMORPG, no player is alike. But there are still different styles of playing the game. Below we have described some of the different player types, and compared them to each class, so that you may take a look on each player style, and see if one of them fits you, then see which kinds of classes may fit you the best.


When playing, some people want to get up close and personal, they like to take the damage, or deal the damage. Here are the different styles of approaching your enemy toe to toe.


Barbarian (Melee DPS)

If you like dealing a crushing amount of damage, crippling your opponent quickly, knocking them back, stunning them, bleeding them, but not necesarily being able to take any damage at all; the squishy but deadly Barbarian may be the class for you.

Assassin (Melee DPS)

You like hopping in and out of stealth, making people fear your cheap shots rendering them hesitant to attack anything or move anywhere, knowing you may be close. You deal insane bursts of damage and disappear without a trace before your enemy even knows what happened. You are the deadliest and scariest of the players, but cannot to take much damage. The Assassin is your class.

Bear Shaman ( Healer / Melee )

If you feel like you don't have to be the best tank out there, but you like getting up in everybody's face to deal a lot of damage; if being able to heal yourself while doing this, making yourself stronger and more capable of healing yourself and your team while being in the face of your opponent, then the Bear Shaman may be the class for you.

Herald of Xotli ( Melee / Magic DPS )

Want to intimidate your opponent by exploiting your inner demon? This class offers more than what a mere mortal can do in battle. As a demon you promised your honor and life to the Stygians who have granted you unholy might. Wield magic powers to win your fights by debuffing, dealing damage and shifting forms. Herald of Xotli may be the class you want to play.


There are also ranged fighter styles: magicians, casters and people who want to utilize a bow. Here is a list of the ranged classes.


The player with the bow and crossbow, not able to take damage or fight well in close range, but very deadly at ranged fights, dealing insane amounts of damage, slowing, rooting, stunning, bleeding and simply overwhelming the opponent, the player enjoys to let the arrows rain down on their enemies. If this fits you, the Ranger is your class.


You want to use the deadliest of spells, the darkest of sorcery to make your enemies tear themselves apart? Fearing your dark mysterious being, standing at a range unleashing the foulest of the magics in a game? Then the Demonologist is your class without a doubt.


You want to spawn the ugliest things the demon world has to offer? Create armies of undead to fight for you and protect you while you unleash dirty and ugly spells, slows and DoTs on your targets? Then the Necromancer is your class.


And last, but not least, you have the support types, the healer types.

Priest of Mitra

You want to heal yourself, heal your team and keep your enemies controlled by fears, knockbacks and stuns? You want to be the main heal class, the healer that no group will want to go without if they want to survive? Then the Priest of Mitra is your dreamclass.

Tempest of Set

Enjoy healing, a little crowd control and blasting foes with the power of the Storms? With the emphasis on the blasting part?... Then the power of the Serpent god compels you to play a Tempest of Set .

Starts slow... builds into a damage machine in the 40's with the introduction of Storm field into your arsenal.