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The Nation of Cimmeria

Cimmeria is a land of wooded fields and frigid tundra. Icy mountain ranges, harsh winds, and gray skies are all part of the Cimmerian geography. Politically, Cimmeria is surrounded by those who would aim to kill or conquer the native clans. These ancient and proud clans have thrived in the Cimmerian foothills since the time of the Atlanteans. The desolate terrain has long since been softened with the blood of Pictish Invaders, Vanir Raiders, Hyperborean Gurnakhi, and foolish would-be conquerors from the Border Kingdoms. However, no one could possibly claim these unconquerable people or the region in which they struggle daily to survive in. Cimmeria is a savage nation of clan wars and tightly-knit families, where strength or cunning are key to survival.

It's a land filled with dangerous tribes and predators, where much of the life that can be found in its frozen hills lives only to take life from another. Creatures such as wolves, mountain cats, and bears hunt the barren tundra or vast woodland, more than capable of killing entire hunting parties unprepared for their savagery. Stories of monstrous beasts and dark legends waiting in the icy wastes for foolish travelers are told around crackling campfires, many of which have been proven true time and time again. In Cimmeria, if the weather and the terrain don't claim you, something else likely will.

Only the strong will carve out a living here, often quite literally. The terrain is difficult, but many come to see for themselves. The Eiglophian Mountains tempt adventurers into their frozen heights, while testing one's mettle against bloodthirsty cannibals and fabled creatures of legend. The "Field of Chiefs" and its Standing Stone, where the clans can come to speak of peaceful alliances, fearless of treachery, is a living piece of history. There is little question as to why foreigners who believe themselves strong of arm and swift of blade come to Cimmeria.

It's the land which spawned the great and famous Conan, whose adventures have been the road map of legend for all of Hyboria. Many of his exploits echo across his homeland, beckoning others of the clans to mimic his life of danger and excitement. In a way, it was this land's harshness that tempered Conan as much as the drive of the man himself.

Cimmeria, the land of Crom, may not be peaceful, pleasant, or easily survived, but it makes a tough people even tougher and sends anyone foolish to an early grave. It's a difficult region, which lays low the weak and heralds the strong. There is a saying among the clans of the southern border-"Make peace with your gods before you come to Cimmeria, as it will not be found here."

The Geography of Hyboria
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