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Oliver “Tarib” Kunz – German Speaking Community Manager for Funcom’s Age of Conan.

  • For some more information about creating a Guild City, have a look at the basic Process required.


So PvE cities;[]

As soon as player cities will be built the NPC’s will build their own city, 1 for each region, the more player city spots of a region are used, the faster the NPC City will be built up, when the NPC City has been destroyed, it can’t be attacked anymore until the city reaches a specific level.

The biggest reward you will get for fully developed NPC cities, will work as follows; There will be multiple rings, which holds well for Player Cities, there will be an outer wall and gate, which you can attack with battering rams, ballista’s.... Ballista’s will be manufactured by Architects and will be taken to their destination per inventory so they wont be pushed. There will be pre-defined spots where they can be placed. Nevertheless, there is some radius in which you can move it. There is the possibility to make area damage on players or NPC themselves, or to shoot directly on walls and gates.

Regarding walls and gates: - it will be as well possible to crush with large mounts. Rhino’s for gates, Mammoths for walls. You can use those mounts for defense; you can for example open the gates and unleash a horde or War Rhino’s on your foes, which will throw them aside. Even if this represents a suicide mission its still a possibility.

Once you have breached the first (defense) ring there is another one which will have to be breached in a similar way, after that there is the Keep of the city, where you spawn as well when you die as a (defending) player, so back at the Battlekeep, back in the action. Once the Battlekeep of an NPC City has taken enough damage, a boss will spawn who has to be killed, and then the city is accordingly destroyed.

Player Cities:[]

  • Each building will have 3 development stages.

There will be a building for each craftsmanship, watchtowers, in which the NPC guards will spawn which will fight for you, - those won’t exist in the PvP region. But what will exist in the PvP region is a Mercenary System. This is designed for guilds or single persons, which would like to participate on such sieges, but are not part of a big guild. They can offer their service to a guild, so a group of lets say 10 people, can specialize on being Mercenaries and be hired, either for attack or defense, that does not matter. Single persons can do the same, they can offer themselves to guilds which have received a challenge and when the guild has decided to hire the person, he will be in their team as a mercenary for the duration of the siege.

In PvP, there will be a Ranking System, how it will look is still in discussion.

There will be 20 levels, that’s clear.

We are playing with the idea to publish the best 10-20 PvP Players of each server on the internet each month, and we are thinking about possibilities to reward them in game as well.

First of all there are points and you climb up the ladder, but there might be some kind of prestige stuff, it might be that on the road to King Conan’s Palace, statues of the best 20 players of last week will be placed, these will be visit able, so you can click on them and see who was among the best – that’s just an idea, that’s not yet in game, but with such ideas we are playing with at the moment.

It might be as well a Death Match – in which the best 10 will be brought to the arena at a specific time and will fight each other. The last one standing will get a special item or a special rank, with all these things we are playing a bit, when its clearer you will get an update!

Ok, so what have we got still.... Oh Yes,

Something else about the PvP: there are not only Battlekeeps in the Border Kingdoms because they are reserved for the Big Guilds, as they demand a lot of time, resources and organization to maintain them. Additionally, small “Forts” will exist, those can’t be further developed, but you can occupy them as long as you have them occupied they grant some bonus, like health points for each guild member, which will take effect as well in PvE. Or you can have some bonus on prospecting Gold or Metals. As long as you possess the Fort, you will have this bonus.

The Forts are designed for the medium sized guilds, of these there will probably be around 12. Probably there will be slots for 9 Battlekeeps, 12 for the Forts and on top of that about 18 resource nodes – these are virtually unarmed, unprotected points where especially Wood, Metals or Stones can be collected. This is obviously designed for very small guilds with few people, who want to experience sieges too on a smaller scale. Nevertheless they will profit as well of some granted bonus. Of course, they will receive and shop up on challenges too, but within smaller “Windows” than Battlekeeps. The Forts will be somewhere in the middle…. When a challenge has been spoken out, the defending guild may decide on the size of the “Window”

This may be 2 days, 3 days…. On that we still have to decide.

The longer the Window is, the smaller the bonus will be, which the defenders experience as they have more time to prepare themselves. So the shorter the Window is, the more bonus the defenders will get. We will try to find a balance on that.

That’s about all I can tell you at the moment….. I hope this helps!

Short Q&A:[]

Q. Are there any possibilities for Assassins to open the city gates by sneaking in?[]

A. By Croms Balls! No, that won’t happen….. As we have seen in Shadowbane, where Rogues, have sneaked into the base to destroy a ‘tree’ in order to conquer a city, they gone into position and once the battle started they all poisoned the tree and the battle was over. So it will be really this way: First Ring, Second Ring, and Keep.

Q. Battlekeeps have advantages like bonus on prospecting resources, at the same time any guild can have only 1 Keep. May they obtain resource nodes on top of the Keep?[]

A. No, otherwise they will have a Keep, some Forts and some Nodes; they will have to decide on only one of them.

Q. So the (Large) guilds will get resources automatic by having a Battlekeep?[]

A. About that, there are still discussions…. It might even be that you can plant trees in PvE cities by which you would gain Wood in the city itself. What won’t be possible are mines though. How exactly the resources will flow into the guilds, we will have to see.

Q. It has been said (in the presentation) that for building a city resources will be needed which may take weeks to gather. Does this mean that the guild members have to go to the quarries and farm for weeks?[]

A. A week for a single person maybe….. I don’t think it will take several weeks until you get the resources you need. They city can grow (step by step), there are several sizes. There will be a spot on which there is a “Grid” in which you can place your walls and buildings. But there will probably be no city in which all the buildings will have space, so one has to specialize. You can keep it smaller, what in turn keeps the upkeep costs low. The up keeping costs will be here and if a city is entirely developed it will cost money and resources to keep it running. So once a guild disappears from the game, it won’t take long until the keep falls apart and the slot becomes free.

Q. Can you tell us about the point distribution in Siege combat? I assume defenders get points by other tasks as the attackers – so the defenders get points by killing attackers while the attackers gain points by tearing down the walls.[]

A. It will go in that direction. On top of that there will be maximum time for a siege to take place. Whether there is the possibility for the defenders to end the siege before its regular ending is not yet decided – especially what tasks there may include. This may be destroying the hostile tent, but we will have to see what’s possible. But it is very well possible that you either have to defend yourselves until the sieging time span is over, or wait for the attackers to give up – Something like that – its not decided.


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