Here is the process for constructing your City Building


The Steps[]

Initially you must book a city spot, this is done via the Guild Controls and you will be able to select the location you wish to have the city built in.

  • Laceish Plains — The bleak, snowy, and mountainous Laceish Plains are where Cimmerians may feel most at home.
  • Poitain —The “smiling sun-washed plains and blue lazy rivers” of Poitain will remind many Aquilonians of their homeland.
  • Purple Lotus Swamp — Dark and mysterious, but also green and full of life, the Purple Lotus Swamp is where Stygians may gather to do their devious deeds.

From here you will then be able to transport to your guild city, which will be nothing more than a location marker.

Location markers are used to indicate what types of buildings can be built on that location, so it appears your city works off of a basic layout template


Alchemist’s Workshop[]

The Alchemist’s Workshop is usually where potions and food are made. With cauldrons, alembics, and a scent of esoteric substances, this construction offers mystical surroundings. The alchemists in the guild will benefit from having this building in your village.

Armourer’s Workshop[]

The Armourer’s Workshop, like any forge, is a robust building. In its center is a large forge and many instruments to make the most enthralling armors. The armorsmiths in the guild benefit from having this building in your village.


The Barracks, with its walls scarred by marks of swords and axes, is home to the mighty soldiers. Here, through studies of war, they have gained a certain invulnerability and higher capacity to protect themselves against physical attacks.

Blacksmith Workshop[]

The Blacksmith Workshop is a sturdy building, where the clanking of hammers and anvils and the smoldering heat from the forge belongs. The blacksmiths in the guild benefit from having this building in your village.

Engineer’s Workshop[]

The Engineer’s Workshop is rich with the smell of sawdust. With mallet, nails, and good designs, engineers all over Hyboria have created siege machines and plans in this kind of workshop. The engineers in the guild will benefit from having this building in your village.


The Keep is the heart and soul of the village. This building must be built to claim an area as yours, and, without it, no other buildings can be raised. It is vital to protect the keep during sieges. You may lose your entire village if your keep is destroyed in battle. The keep is upgradable, providing many more benefits as you put more resources into it.


The Temple is a sanctuary for all those who have devoted themselves to the gods. In here, among hushed voices, wise priests have learned how commitment to their deity protects them in battle and grants certain invulnerability to harmful magic.

Thieves’ Guild[]

The Thieves’ Guild is shrouded in mystery and it is never easy to tell how many eyes are studying you within its walls. Here, the rogues of the guild have honed their skills and found out how to achieve more physical damage in their attacks.

Trade post[]

The Tradepost serves as the village access point to the global trade market. A local merchant stands ready to help guild members and guests to buy and sell their goods.


The University is the home of clever mages far and wide. Among shelves of books and desks to study, mages of the guild learn the fine details of their craft, gaining a higher effect of destructive magic.

Wall Gate[]

The Wall Gates protect your village from uninvited guests, human as well as animals. Constructed by sturdy logs of only the best timber, the gates are reinforced by surrounding stone walls and are built to endure siege battles (for battlekeeps, that is). Only guild members may open the wall gates.

Wall Section[]

Wall units are solid constructions of stone and wood, designed to protect your village from uninvited guests, human as well as animals. They offer good defense during sieges (if you’re building a battlekeep). Enough wall will enable you to upgrade your Keep. Standing on top of a wall during a siege allows for line of sight outside the village.

Watch Tower[]

The Watch Tower contribute to defense by offering shooting platforms for archers and spaces for ballista to shoot back at enemy siege weapons (if it’s a battlekeep).


Building a Guild City