City of Tortage
Level 5 - 19
Region Tortage
Type Hub
Connections Abandoned Warehouse (any)
Acheronian Ruins (10-20)
Tortage Underhalls (10-20)
White Sands (5-19)
Dungeons Tortage Island (quest)
Bartholomo's Shop (quest)
Genzio's House (quest)
Ghost Palace (quest)
Renton's House (quest)
Tarisha's Shop (quest)
Seadog Mansion (quest)
Coastal Cave (quest)
Taverns Thirsty Dog Inn

The City of Tortage, central hub of its namesake island, stands tall above the jungles and beaches which surround it. Controlled by the Red Hand under the vicious rule of Strom, the city is unwelcoming to those unwilling to submit. A melting pot of lords, merchants, pirates, criminals, and slaves alike, the City of Tortage hums with political intrigue surrounding a potential upsurgence by a seperatist group. Should it overwhelm the weary visitor, the Thirsty Dog Inn should be the first point of call for both ale and tale.


Resurrection Points[]

Tortage Island has the following resurrection points:

  • West Gate (908, 750)
  • Harbor (1095, 660)

Quests starting in City of Tortage[]

(lvl)Quest name Steps in this zone Other zones involved Startup action / prerequisites
(6) Dousing the Fire II Talk to Turach
(6) The Legendary Turach I + II + III + IV + V - Talk to Turach
(6) Dead Meat I + II - Talk to Ninus
(6) Garden of Cursed Mysteries I + II - Talk to Laranga
(6) The Pict Threat II Talk to Laranga
(6) The Unwritten Law I + II - Talk to Laranga
(5) Empty Stalls I + II - Talk to Blacksmith
(6) Skeggi's Fish I + II - Talk to Skeggi
(8) Tailored Tasks II Talk to Sassan
(5) Treading Lightly I + II - Talk to Sassan
(8) Junia's Revenge I + II - Talk to Junia
(6) A Name to Die For I + II - Talk to Donus
(5) Time to Pay I + II - Talk to Junia
(5) The Worshipper's Demise II Talk to Idogbe
(5) Wisdom through Venom I + II - Talk to Valerius
(8) Red Hand Death II Talk to Proxima
(8) The Evil that Men do II Talk to Idogbe
(8) Gone with the Wine II Talk to Bartholomo
(8) Of Rotting Flesh II Talk to Padraig
(8) Path of the Pirate III Talk to Drunk Pirate
(9-10) The Prisoner's Revenge II Talk to Padraig
(9-10) Grave Invite II Talk to Phoenic
(9-10) Feathers for Quills II Talk to Bartholomo
(9-10) Domicile of Vileness II Talk to Odetta
(11) Gold and Gore II Talk to Sakumbe
(11) Caught in the Shadows II + VI + VII Talk to Royo
(11) Veil of Dawn II Talk to Royo
(11) The Lost Bottles II Talk to Ninus
(12) The Missing Cargo II Talk to Redrik
(12) Queen of Punishment II Talk to Sancha
(13) A Fishy Future II Talk to Skeggi
(13) Pool of Black Blood II Talk to Proxima
(14) Enslaved II Talk to Claudiu
(15) Den of No Return I + III Talk to Laranga
(15) The Mitra Clergy III Talk to Ninus
(15) Feeding the Hungry II + III + IV + VI Talk to Donus after completing Letter to the King II
(17) The Smuggler - Read the note behind the house near Redrik
(?) Fire for the Dead II Talk to Padraig after completing Of Rotting Flesh
(?) Xantia's Wrath I + II + III + IV a + V Talk to Royo after completing Caught in the Shadows
(?) Abandoned in the Halls of Fear III Talk to Sancha after completing Queen of Punishment
(?) Tarisha's Sorrow II Talk to Bartholomo after completing Xantia's Wrath
(?) Cimmerian Blue Steel I + III Talk to Redrik after completing The Missing Cargo
(?) A Deadly Message II Talk to Redrik after completing Cimmerian Blue Steel
(?) Breaking the Bones II Talk to Padraig after completing Abandoned in the Halls of Fear
(?) Tarisha's Sacrifice I + II + III c + IV + V + VI + IX Talk to Bartholomo after completing Tarisha's Sorrow

Quests involving City of Tortage[]