Nothing known about this creature yet, apart from it is a Snow-Dragon.

As noted, Coltranach is a Dragon, that was/is supposed to be in game, somewhere in the Eigophilian Mountains, perhaps in the House of Crom (where the Dragon Coltranach was to appear is a point of much speculation). However, for unknown reasons, the Dragon was not implemented, although their are several items and references to it in game.

  • Fear of Coltranach Quest: Although the key can be obtained from the White Hand Officers Quest, it cannot at this stage be used, as the temple cannot be entered at this time. The temple supposedly holds the magic horn "The Fear of Coltranach".

The quest to get the horn consists of two parts: 1) The Key to Thurga. This involves the White Hand Officers Quest, as noted above. The White Hand caster boss

Kamoinen drops the key. Quest Text: Cian has told me that the White Hand order of sorcerers are digging in the ruins of the Temple of Thurga, and that they have found a

magic horn called the Fear of Coltranach. It is kept in a locked vault, and the key to this fault is held by a White Hand wizard named Kamoinen. I must recover this key and

loot the vault. 2) The Copper Horn. This was to involve, if reading the quest text is anything to go by, accessing the tomb with the key and retreiving the horn. Quest Text:

I have the key of Kamoinen. Somewhere in the White Hand vaults are treasures including the fabled Fear of Coltranach, a magic artifact that will repel the dragon.

  • The Dragon Coltranach is even mentioned on the official Funcom AoC Information pages, in the article The Savage Cannibals: Tribal tales tell of even darker fates than as the raw meal of a cannibal family; be it as the living sacrifice to the great ice worm Yakhmar, or worse—offered up to the snow dragon Coltranach, whom these ugly, misshapen half-men worship as a god.

  • In addition to these quests and items, several of the NPC's speech bubbles mention the dragon, although no quest can be obtained at this time.