Melee Combos[]

Icon Name Acquired Description
AoC Censuring Strike S
Censuring Strike Level 5 This mighty blow intimidates the victim, deterring them from switching targets to attack the Bear Shaman. Effective when the victim is already distracted battling other foes.
AoC Internal Bleed S
Internal Bleed Level 5 Swift hammering blows directed at the enemy's torso, the shuddering impacts rupture internal organs and burst arteries, causing temporary internal bleeding.

This combo triggers the Vision effect associated with the active Manifestation.

AoC Crush Armor S
Crush Armor Level 10 This mighty blow not only batters the enemy but also degrades their defences, making them more susceptible to damage inflicted by weapons and melee attacks.
AoC Shrewd Blow S
Shrewd Blow Level 10 This deceptively dangerous strike causes damage to the Bear Shaman's foes.
AoC Ferocious Smack S
Ferocious Smack Level 15 First the Bear Shaman clubs their opponent then drives the haft of their weapon into them, battering them backwards.
AoC Ursine Brawl S
Ursine Brawl Level 20 A crack to the skull followed by a series of ferocious blows dazes and knocks an enemy off balance making it harder for them to fight effectively, so enemy blows have less chance of striking sucessfully.
AoC Hindermovement S
Hinder Movement Level 44 This great sweeping blow smashes into an enemy's legs and slows their movement for a short time.
AoC Ether Theft
Ether Theft Level 25


Robs an enemy of their Stamina and Mana by assaulting their body and spirit. These strikes restore Mana amongst the shaman's teammates as a benediction.
AoC Bloodthirst
Bloodthirst Level 60


Blood spilled by these savage blows heals the shaman and their group.
AoC Bewilder
Bewilder Level 70


A mighty attack that leaves the victim dazed and disoriented, severely reducing their chance to hit for a short time.