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A non-exhaustive sub-section sorted list of Current questions as asked in the Community Q&A Mark One thread on the Official Forums - started by Pharamond

First round of answers from Funcom regarding some of the below asked questions have been provided Read them here!

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Combat / Magic[]

Character Specifics[]

Environment and Interaction[]

Gear / Loot[]

Guilds and Cities[]


No Questions So far[]

The Following are sections that don't currently have any questions related to them. When Questions are asked, add the info and it will soon be put it into a sub-section



  1. Are there racial benefits to certain attributes? If so, what are they?
  2. Will there be racial abilities beside class choices?




In Game Support(GMs)[]

  1. Will there be an ARK type system similar to the one used in AO in AoC and when will it start and how do we get involved? (ARK is where players get involved in Customer Service for FC to help answer simple questions and greet new players. This is in-game support provided by players for players).