Adventuring Throughout The World[]

  • (1)At level 80 there is obviously going to be raids and PvP. Is there anything else to do? Will dungeons be worth doing at 80? In WoW raid guilded people only went to them for attunements, rep grinds and 1 trade drop. If people could help it they didnt go because there was no point besides that.


  • (1) What about Dynamic Dungeons? Pretty c00l idea, can we see some random MoB's - traps at the dungeons?
  • (2) Will there be multiple objectives to accomplish and puzzles to solve within some of the Dungeons?
  • (3) Would like an instancing run down.
  • (4) Are there public non-instance dungeons?
  • (5) Are all instances private or are they more along the lines of EQ2 dungeons and Guild Wars towns?
  • (6) Will you nerf dungeon and/or bosses, if people whine about it? (i hope no)
  • (7) How many raids and dungeons are there?
  • (8) Will all instance raids be designed for 24 people or will there be some designed for 18 and 12?
  • (9) Will all instance raids be designed for end-game level players or will there be some at lower level as well?

World PvE/Content in General[]

  • (1) AoC with 900 hours of play can be finished by a hardcore gamer in 2 months if he plays 15 hours every day. Does Funcom plan on any sort of player-made content in the game to provide an infinite game content to their customers?
  • (2) The wilderness looks nice so far, I love the scale of it and hope on launch it is not crowded with mobs every 3 feet making it impossible to pull without getting 4 aggros or for a party to get through without fighting. Since the game is staying close to the lore, and Conan's lore has vast wide open areas of land will this be a concern?
  • (3) Will there be encounters designed for more than a single group of players, but less than a full raid?
  • (4) How many group areas (instances, dungeons, open world, etc) will there at launch? (is he asking how many zones or what?)
  • (5) World size question. Since numbers don’t seem to help… is the total size of the world in AoC bigger or smaller than AO (inc/exc SL)?


  • (1) More quest info would be much appreciated.
  • (2) Will some quests actually take place in taverns? I'm thinking mostly in the vein of the Oblivion quest where you follow a guy to his drinking hole at a Hotel and have to follow him out in the night, using information about his routines and stuff to complete the quest.
  • (3) You said that Bioware's games (I'm thinking of KotOR and NWN) and Dreamfall are among influences for AoC... how close are you to these games in terms of player choices in story?
  • (4) We already saw different answer options in a early quest, will this type of player option for a quest be in all the game or just the single player part?
  • (5) Will EVERY quest be made in that fashion with players having different options?
  • (6) Quests logs are a pain and useless, nobody reads them. Will every quest in AoC be given with a cut scene like with an NPC talking to you with actors voices?
  • (7) Is there intersting solo or small group quests/quest chains that can occupy someone for a while? Basically in WoW if you werent raiding or PvPing there was absolutely nothing to do but grind or farm. Just hoping that is not an issue in AoC.
  • (8) Can we expect long lore quests that last several levels or even a whole character's life?


  • (1) Please release a list of all "level 1 and level 2" passive and aggressive npc's that exist in age of conan. Further, please release a drop table for those extremely low level lootable creatures.At this stage I cannot believe that such data is not now set in stone and will be unchanging ever.There cannot be more than 20 such extremely low level lootable creatures and they probably only drop 3 things each (if even that).

Special Events[]

  • (1) Will Age of Conan have any "special events" such as festivals or invasions of hostile races?
  • (2) Will Age of Conan have any "special events" that are controlled by the devs or game masters?