Death, Hell, and Soul Corruption[]

  1. What's the different ways to gain and lose Soul Corruption for each class?
  2. Some more info on how "soul corruption" actually works, we've gotten several answers saying all classes and their archetypes can obtain it and are effected on it. How do we get it besides casting magic & using magic/melee based combos?
  3. Is Hell still in the game as punishment for becoming "soul corrupted"?
  4. What happens when you die a "normal" death in PvE?
  5. What happens when you die a "normal" death in PvP?
  6. What happens when you die a "spellweaving" overload death?

Quote on Death[]

You will be able to choose from nearby discovered resurrection points to respawn at, after which you will be afflicted by a stacking (up to 3 times) death penalty. Returning to your gravestone will significantly reduce/remove the duration of the death penalty, however there are other means with which to remove it. Source