1. Why has there been a very slow implementation of artwork into the game?

Maturity Junk[]

  1. What will Funcom concretely do to keep the community mature, without kids or immature behaviors?
  2. I have seen a lot about the mature nature of the game. Does this mean that there will not be a profanity filter? I am guessing there probably will be, but will it at least be assume that anyone who is offended by things will use it? I hate in games where there is a filter implemented, but I can still get in trouble for saying things that should be filtered by those "sensitive" people.

Sex and Gore[]

  1. Can you adjust the amount of blood you can see in the game?
  2. Can you adjust the amount of adult (sex related) content in the game?
  3. Will Charles Parkley's character be perma-nude?

Animations/Models/Displayed Items[]

  1. When We Can See Some Decent Female Chars?
  2. Will minions/pets also motion capture like horses are?
  3. We want to see sweet spell/ability animations!
  4. Is the water dynamic ie different weather different water ? (more waves or so)
  5. On some of the vids I have watched on the net, I have mostly seen characters that don't have their name/details floating on top of their toon, but in one vid I did see that. My question is, will there be name/details floating above our toons duting play or in PvP areas? (I hope not because that would make ambushes and surpise attacks difficult with large flashy letters above my toon)


  1. Will we be able to heard the noise that armours will do? Same question for any sounds from movement of players or npcs

Interface/UI Customization[]

  1. Will there be a clock added in the UI? If yes, can we choose the format, regardless the install version and the server location?
  2. Will there be custom user interfaces?
  3. Will the UI appearance be customizable at least?

DX 9&10[]

  1. How long it will take to release the DX10 version/patch after 30 October?