NPC Cities[]

  • (1) Will there be venomous snakes crawling around inside the gates of the Stygian cities? There probably are rats and snakes roaming around as critters, but will any of them actually aggro the players? I doubt this will ever be implemented, but I have a vision of snakes very rarely aggroing a city visitor in Stygian cities (having maybe a bigger chance of aggroing non-Stygian players), biting them and envenoming them so that they have to seek an antidote or the services of a healer to not perish within a certain period of time. Might be a cool feature if it happens rare enough to not be a constant annoyance.
  • (2) Can we expect to see more than just one district for thiefs?
  • (3) Will you be able to view city statistics (PvP and PvE cities) outside of the game from a web page or something similar?


  • (1) Will there be different sorts of taverns, bars and inns to visit throughout the world, or will we only get the usual one tavern per resonably big city?
  • (2) Have you done anything to make the taverns, bars and inns attractable to players apart from drunken brawling (Not that drunken brawling is not the most genius idea to make taverns lively in a game ever) ? In terms of atmosphere, entertainment, work availability (quest-givers) and interactivety.
  • (3) Will there be more than one tavern in the main culture cities? Maybe some without the possibility of drunken brawling, to cater for the more sophisticated?
  • (4) Will there be live music in some of the taverns, or just a mood-setting music change int he game as you enter?
  • (5) Have you drawn upon inspiration from Bioware games in respect to making the taverns come alive? Maybe adding some lively npcs, background chatter and noises?
  • (6) Will there be back room pit fights for players to participate in or bet on? Or maybe some beast vs beast action ( some good scorpion vs spider fights in the Stygian taverns for example) ?
  • (7) Will there be remote inns and hunting lodge king of taverns that we can reach by exploring hidden places and maybe stumble upon on our journeys, or will taverns be restricted to cities and villages?

Tarantia Nobles District[]

  • (1) Will the tarantia noble district still be in for release for thievery, stealth, assassinations and buisiness with shady dealers? Has any changes been made to the tarantia noble district idea?
  • (2) Will the area or the individual houses be instanced?
  • (3) If not, will it be big enough to support a horde of rougish characters decending upon it for some criminal action?
  • (4) Will there be useful rewards for spending time in the noble district other than selling loot to dealers for gold?
  • (5) Will some of the actual loot be useful for the player?
  • (6) If yes to 5: Will there be some sort of level scaling (more logical if there is instancing) so that both low and high level characters can feel they are rewarded?
  • (7) Could a player comfortably level from 20 - 80 in only this district?
  • (8) Will there be quests involving theft and assassinations in this area?
  • (9) Will there be "high end" houses and buildings in this district designed only for rogues with the best stealth skills?
  • (10) In terms of PvE, does this district offer end game content?
  • (11) The noble distric sounds fun anyway, but would be cool if there where rewards and experience drawing us back there from time to time, both at low, mid and high levels as well. As a sort of break from grinding and killing. Is this what you are planning?
  • (12) Will there be PvP in this district? If not how about the RP-PvP/PvP servers?
  • (13) When can we expect to see screenshots (or friday update) of the Tarantia nobles district?