Non-Magical Combat[]

  • Are the combat, ranged, and magic systems still being tweaked? Has anything substantial been changed since E3?

Player Skill in General[]

  • Have you successfully implemented abilities/combos so that player skill will play a large part in battle?

Whacking and Stabbing Stuff[]

  • (1) How will Age of Conan compare to traditional MMO`s where combat is pretty much handled automatically? The combat is realtime but from the looks of the movies it seems very static form of combat where the player just follows arrows on the screen to perform combos, without any form of tactics involved.
  • (2) Can you unequip combo's in combat?
  • (3) Will it be possible to cancel swings / combo's when they are in "mid flow"


  • (1) What special effects will arrows have?(ie fire/poison)
  • (2) How shooting by a canopy at archers will be realized?