Prestige Classes and Trade Skills[]

  • (1) Will players be able to change prestige classes?
  • (2) At level 20, can you still pick your prestige class and create a guild?
  • (3) Will there be trade skills that are not bound to Prestige Classes (such as fishing, cooking, camping, etc)?




  • (1) Detailed info on how crafting works as currently there is alot of info on what we can make the 'how' is still missing, more to AO or more recipes as in other games?
  • (2) A screen of the craft interface would be nice
  • (3) How many trade skills can a Crafter have?
  • (4) Can players specialize in the Gemcutter profession? Or does it require you to know the Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing professions first, since Gemcutting is focused on enhancing that equipment?
  • (5) Will the Crafter have premier crafting advantages over another presitge class with the same craft? (I think this is a "duh" right?)
  • (6) Could you give more specific details about the crafting system in regards to creating unique items. IE is every "broad sword" going to be the same, or is it based off of materials put into it along with crafter skill?
  • (7) How are materials gathered? Will we need to grind for end game craft materials, or will they be gathered by guild gathers (city stuff)?
  • (8) Will there be any crafting recipes that involve ingredients obtained from raiding or high end PvE?
  • (9) Will there be any crafting recipes that involve ingredients obtained from PvP (sieges, mini games, etc)?
  • (10) How,where do you learn to craft new things?
  • (11) Will item repair require materials as well as money?
  • (12) Are Crafters (prestige) able to reach "higher" levels within a respective craft, such as architecture, that would surpass the level of a Lord, for example?
  • (13) Will Crafters "specialise" and choose a particular tree to focus on in the later stages of crafting levels?
  • (14) How involved is crafting? Is it simple like in WoW, something fast and simple? Or is it more involved such that you could spend an hour or two to make some items in an involved process? On the same line as town building as an involved process?
  • (15) Can we expect community crafting (like building a bridge to a new zone)


  • (1) Is the master apprentice system for PvP only or will the apprentice be able to train (with the master) on higher level mobs, receiving a lot of exp?
  • (2) Can your Servant be buffed? Can he be healed?
  • (3) Does he have a collision avoidance field, like an actual player character?
  • (4) Does he have a weapon? Always the same weapon? Upgrade weapons?
  • (5) If called upon in combat, does he last until killed, or for a fixed time period?
  • (6) Can I direct his attacks/targets, or is he completely autonomous?
  • (7) Will the Servant's hitpoints scale with my character's hitpoints?
  • (8) They collect resources while I am offline? Can I choose which resources?
  • (9) Customizable look? Multiple looks? Do all Servants look the same?
  • (10) Is there more than one type of Servant? Do I get a choice in the matter?
  • (11) How does the Servant's hitpoints compare to my own? 10%, 20%, 30%?