Publicity/Information/Advertising (E3, movies/reviews, sites, rumors)[]

E3, Trailers, Reviews[]

  • (1) In one of the E3 previews, it is stated that "In Age of Conan there are two NPC factions fighting each other, so you can choose to fight alongside with one of them or completely ignore their war.". Could you go into details about these two factions? What are the benefits for fighting for either one of them?

Sites and Info Available[]

  • (1) Can we expect the FAQ on the community portal to be redone sometime before release? I talked with one Funcom employee who said "very soon", but that was back in April.
  • (2) Update the old Class information. Some of them were released a while ago and do not have near the detail that the recent ones have. Like the HoX for example.


  • (1) Can you explain the marketing and advertising behind Age of Conan for us? What's the plan? A ton of people are incredibly worried by the current state of things. Is this just part of the plan? The lack if info and beta this close to release is incredibly worrisome, given most of what's been shown is the same thing over and over again, and is slightly buggy (though most bugs have been addressed).