• (1) A complete spell/feat lists would be nice.
    • There is a bit of a list on spells / abilities etc. Mage classes have a more detailed list linked from respective class pages.
  • (2) Please show in detail the feats system and describe it.
  • (3) Is the a respec system for character customisation (perhaps costs money) so I cannot permanently gimp my character?
  • (4) How does "specializing" work? At max level are we all the same or are there way more feats than available points?
  • (5) Will classes that use multiple weapon types, like the Guardian with pole arms and 1H + Shield, be able to switch between the two at will? Will it require "respeccing" or that they be in a town or city, or can it be done at any time in the world?
  • (6) According to various interviews you can specialise your character to use either sword and shield or pole arms, will this be true for other classes as well? IE. Will it be possible as a necromancer to specialise in cold and/or undead damage only, ignoring summons without being gimped?
  • (7) What are the specific mechanics for character progression with regard to feats and/or attributes? For ex. X number of attribute points, and Y number of feat points per level, spread as you choose, or some other system? Does the progression system allow for unique characters based on attribute distribution and choice of individual skills, or skill lines?
  • (8) Also, can you confirm that the attributes you would assume make a difference actually work? Putting a lot of strength in a barbarian would make common sense to many players, but then you find out that it's all about quickness you're going to be very upset at level 30.
  • (9) How many skills will there be in the game? What are they? How much impact will they have on your character as opposed to feats?
  • (10) What are all the different stats and what exactly do they do?