Some of the info below can be answered on the System Requirements page itself.
  • (1) Is it possible to have the officials Required and Recommended computer configurations? (and no more guessing)
  • (2) Regardless of graphic quality, are there any performance differences between WinXP/DX-9 and Vista/DX-10?
  • (3) Does AoC support multi-threading and thus take advantage of the new multi-core CPUs available?
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  • (4) Does AoC perform differently under 32bit vs 64 bit operating systems?
  • (5) Are you making any efforts to work with Wine or Transgaming to allow for some semblance of Linux support?
  • (6) I'm very concerned about FPS in AoC given the high level of graphics. Can FC provide an average FPS under a certain system build in Vista (DX10) and XP (DX9). Many people would like to think about what kind of system they would need to run the game at certain settings. This is especially important given that the press has stated that AoC has choppy gameplay.
  • (7) Has anything been done to make use of the G15 keyboard (specifically an application for the LCD screen)?
Considering the Dev's have stated that many of them use the G15 Keyboard, this is quite likely going to be supported.
  • (8) To what extent will Age of Conan make use of the DX10 API (is it just a port or is the game making use of specific features)?
  • (9) Will Age of Conan support multiple CPU threads?
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  • (10) Will Age of Conan support multiple GPU threads (SLI/Crossfire)?
  • (11) Is there a benefit to having more than 1 cpu core, besides the general non AoC related reasons ? (think Crysis or Supreme Commander usage of extra cores)
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