Conall's Valley
Level 20 - 32
Region Cimmeria
Type Adventure Region
Connections Conarch Village
Field of the Dead
Dungeons Spider Caverns

In Cimmeria’s icy east, the ravine of Conall’s Valley cuts a shallow slice in the stone and soil flesh of Hyboria. Here, in the shadow of Ben Morgh -- Crom’s mountain throne -- his people make a valiant and desperate last stand against invaders from the north.

In ages past, this region was known for its wild beauty and was home to several Cimmerian clans. Each tribe founding their settlements among the many ancient Atlantean ruins, which the lush northern forests have never completely concealed.

Then came the Vanir.

Now the woodland pass is littered with the ashen remnants of villages burned to the ground, and where Cimmerian forts once rose among the trees, Vanir spears are plunged into the earth, bearing the severed heads or rotting bodies of the valley’s slain defenders.

When the Vanir swept down from the north, they came not to raid, but to conquer. The Cimmerian warriors who fought for their homeland were slain; their families enslaved or slaughtered while entire villages burned. The few survivors were mainly outcasts, hunters, or warriors who managed to flee south and escape the blades of the Vanir.

The once-beautiful Conall’s Valley has become a battleground. Its beauty spoiled by savagery and bloodshed, as the Vanir and Cimmerians fight over the ruins of destroyed villages. If the woodland pass falls completely, the way into Cimmeria will be laid open for the berserkers of Vanaheim. The survivors of the northerners’ assault gather around their night-fires in makeshift settlements and sharpen their swords, vowing to sell their lives dearly in the name of their homeland.

All the while, these last Cimmerians cast looks at the distant tower of Ben Morgh. As their distant and cruel god watches from his mountain peak, the warriors know that dying while Crom himself looks on would be a shameful death indeed.

Resurrection Points[]

Conall's Valley has the following Resurrection Points:

  • Conall's Valley Entrance (123,170)
  • Cimmerian Settlement (544,404)
  • Mountain Glade (1120,980)
  • Cascade Falls (1256,551)
  • Field of the Dead (1745,660)
  • Frost Fields (1800,955)

Quests starting in Conall's Valley[]

(lvl)Quest name Steps in this zone Other zones involved Startup action / prerequisites
The Wolf Menace I + II - Talk to Cavan
Helping the Settlement I - Talk to Cavan
A Harrowing Journey I + II - Talk to Calleo
A Beloved Friend I + II - Talk to Calleo after completing quest A Harrowing Journey
Hawkeye I + II - Talk to Hawkeye
The War Totem I + II - Talk to Riona (after completing Clans at War?)
(30-35) Forgotten Treasure - Talk to Valoz da Neva
Old Man Gormley I + II + III - Talk to Riona
The Wayfarer's Stone - Talk to Amunarton
Kern Wolfeye I + II - Talk to Riona
Blinding the Enemy I + II - Talk to Kincaid
Love of an Outcast I - Talk to Adha
Butchering the Weak I + II - Talk to Deiric
Deiric's Sacrifice I - Talk to Deiric
Appetite of the Wolf I + II + III - Talk to Hydallan
Defeating Iceblade I + II - Talk to Kern Wolfeye
An Impending Attack I + II + III - Talk to Kern Wolfeye
The Hidden Cavern I + II - Talk to Hydallan after completing Appetite of the Wolf
The Assault Camp I + II - Talk to Kincaid after completing Blinding the Enemy
Fanning the Flames I + II - Talk to Deiric after completing Butchering the Weak
The Veteran I + II - Talk to The Veteran
War and Commerce - Talk to Vajascus
Hunting for Valoz I + II - Talk to Valoz Da Neva
Chaos in the Fortress *** I + II - Talk to Kern Wolfeye
Ymir's Call *** I + II - Talk to Deiric after completing Fanning the Flames
Curing the Sick I + II + III - Talk to Elethia
Blood and Venom I + II - Talk to Valoz Da Neva
The Source of Pollution I + II - Talk to Devlon after completing Curing the Sick
The Snowy Beast I + II - Talk to Valoz Da Neva
Supply Routes - Talk to Valoz Da Neva after completing The Snowy Beast
The Vanir Polluters I + II - Talk to Devlon after completing The Source of Pollution
Plundering the Prowlers I + II - Talk to Weaponsmith Einion
Mayhem in the Fortress *** I + II - Talk to Kern Wolfeye afer completing Chaos in the Fortress
The Lurking Horror I + III Talk to Gormley
The Gravesinger I - Talk to Kern Wolfeye
Invading the Supply Camp I + II - Talk to Wallach Greybeard
A Special Request I + II + III - Talk to Nahud'r
The Cimmerian's Axe II Talk to Reinar
The Gravesinger's Voice I + II - Talk to The Gravesinger
Brutal Customs I - Examine the bloodied spear at (1302.1, 619.6)
The Bloodied Spear *** I - Talk to Ossian after completing Brutal Customs
A Dirge for the Dead *** I + II - Talk to The Gravesinger
The Ancient Burial Mounds I + II + III - Talk to Nahud'r
A Sharp Blade I - Talk to Reave Ox-Heart
The Passing of Blackfrost I + II - Talk to Desagrena
Torn from the Dead I + II - Talk to Ossian
Ossian's Odyssey - Talk to Ossian
The Cimmerian Plea I - Talk to Cernu
The Tactician's Camp I + II - Talk to Ossian
Restless Spirits - Talk to The Gravesinger
Decimate the Warhost *** I + II - Talk to Kern Wolfeye after completing Mayhem in the Fortress

Quests involving Conall's Valley[]


Name Location Role(s)
Adha (689.7, 551.3)
  • Involved in quest The Veteran
  • Gives the quest Love of an Outcast
Alana (607.7, 567.2)
  • Food and Drink Merchant
Amunarton (580.2, 330.1)
Aodh (1248.5, 568.4)
Apprentice Baek (621.0, 536.9)
  • Armor Merchant
Apprentice Healer Ashling (656.0, 546.9)
  • Potion merchant
Apprentice Loman (617.9, 534.5)
  • Weapons Merchant
Arden (650.0, 550.3)
Ashul (1251.0, 566.5)
Braeden (600.6, 564.7)
Calleo (87.2, 204.5)
Camdyn (599.3, 464.0)
Cavan (87.7, 204.0)
Cernu (1265.9, 795.8)
  • Gives the quest The Cimmerian Plea
Daol (1136.3, 961.9)
Daorgan (690.5, 558.9)
Deiric (657.2, 543.6)
Desagrena (1256.0, 1074.8)
  • Gives the quest The Passing of Blackfrost
Devlon (618.5, 575.1)
Duana (1632.3, 1063.8)
  • Involved in quest The Cimmerian Plea
Ehmish (1254.0, 1070.7)
Elethia (653.7, 545.9)
Garret Blackpatch (1137.4, 964.6)
Glendyn (644.0, 534.3)
Gormley (645.9, 535.8)
Harnon (638.9, 531.6)
Hawkeye (512.6, 438.5)
Hydallan (1142.4, 960.8)
Kealan (614.5, 580.6)
Kern Wolfeye (1142.1, 957.8)
Kincaid (686.2, 539.7)
Mogh (1245.8, 566.5)
Nahud'r (1155.4, 950.3)
Nidd (611.7, 559.1)
Noal (86.7, 206.4)
Old Finn (1257.2, 1071.8)
Orrin (89.0, 206.4)
Ossian (1245.8, 563.7)
Ragall (633.3, 552.4)
  • Food and Drink Merchant
Reave Ox-Heart (1253.3, 1073.7)
Reinar (1442.9, 503.0)
Riona (511.5, 431.9)
Sian (610.4, 482.9)
The Gravesinger (1395.6, 489.2)
The Veteran (445.0, 191.3)
Road patrol
Torin Chieftain (503.9, 420.8)
Vajascus (603.9, 561.2)
Valoz da Neva (644.4, 571.6)
Wallach Greybeard (1145.7, 958.7)
Weaponsmith Einion (614.0, 534.4)