A guild city is a major commitment, requiring a massive investment of blood and treasure to create and maintain.

After battling your way off the beach, you’ve carved your own place in the world of Hyboria with grit, determination, and steel. Now you’re part of a hardy band of warriors and the time has come to claim your own chunk of the Hyborian Dream. After all, what is a guild without land and a mighty fortress standing atop it, telling all who come near of the power and glory they possess?

A guild city is a major commitment, requiring a massive investment of blood and treasure to create and maintain. With a great price comes a great reward, however, as the benefits for owning one extend beyond lording over your greatness to one and all. In addition to power and prestige, there are concrete benefits to land ownership in Age of Conan.

A player city provides a central gathering point, meeting hall, role-playing center, and socializing hub for your guild. Instead of trying to herd people across the world into the same place at the same time, simply tell everyone to get back to the city, and if someone insists on telling Chuck Norris jokes in the middle of tense role-play sessions, boot them out of the guild and leave them to the wolves.

Some buildings are there to support crafters and grant access to upper-level crafting recipes, as it’s impossible to build a siege engine without the mighty Engineer’s Workshop.

For more concrete benefits, several of the buildings grant benefits to all members of a class or archetype in your guild. Build a Temple and your priests will all grow tougher, while a Thieves’ Guild will help all your rogues get sneakier and stabbier. “But how?” you cry. We’ve consulted with the darker powers in Development—Jayde—and he gave us some detailed info on how some of these buildings will work.

The most common bonus available to players through the player cities will be the passive and/or feat based statistical bonuses for owning a Keep or other “archetype” buildings. These include: The University (Magic Rating), the Temple (Magic Resists), the Barracks (Defense Rating), and the Thieves’ Guild (Attack Rating). Additionally, the Keep building will have a generic bonus to Health Points, Mana Points, and/or stamina points.

Furthermore, these bonuses will increase based on the tier of each building, so a guild that puts in the effort to build a massive, powerful city will receive massive, powerful bonuses, the better to lord it over their friends and enemies.

Requirements and Locations[]

To book a city spot, you yourself need to be the Guild Leader, level 40+, and have 24+ members. If you meet those requirements, you can simply choose to reserve a piece of land in one of the so-called “resource and gathering areas”.

  • Laceish Plains — The bleak, snowy, and mountainous Laceish Plains are where Cimmerians may feel most at home.
  • Poitain —The “smiling sun-washed plains and blue lazy rivers” of Poitain will remind many Aquilonians of their homeland.
  • Purple Lotus Swamp — Dark and mysterious, but also green and full of life, the Purple Lotus Swamp is where Stygians may gather to do their devious deeds.

Upgrading your city[]

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if you want to crush your foes and drive them before you, you must have a Level 3 Player City before you can claim a Battlekeep for your own. It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll, but the view is spectacular! And by then, you already know how to construct a settlement.

It is possible to upgrade all buildings and there are three levels in total. Upgrading a building will not only make it look better, it will also provide improved benefits!

So, what are you waiting for? Start the city planning!

All the available player buildings are described in the new section 'Player Buildings'.