Crows' Nest
Level 80
Region Aquilonia
Zone Tarantia Common District
Boss Count 3
End Boss Jovus
Player Limit 6

This group-only instance in Tarantia Common District is accessible from Iron Tower region and offers a lot of challenges for groups of players at level 80. Several bosses inside requires specific tactics. Several quests inside come from Ateno the Wine Merchant, Caius the cowardly noble and Crows' and Rats' final questchains. In addition, doing the final quest requiring killing Jovus is necessary step in order to start Muriel's/Watchman's questchains. Mob placement inside requires teams to either have a properly equipped tank on the ready, or be able to CC enemies efficiently. Instance also features rare drops, such as social pet (Puppy), boobytraps and unique tactics to tackle bosses.

Crows' Nest is a popular dungeon because it's short, easy, and there 3 different quests that reward the players with very strong blue accessories that will last untill they're replaced with epics.

Strategy Edit


Clear the mob-trash in the area and then start the fight. After a while he'll run to a barrel and start drinking.

The intended way to defeat Bibaculus is to destroy the barrels before he finishes drinking from them. However, it's usually better to just wait and prepare and let him finish quaffing his wine as the DPS required to destroy the barrel is more than most teams who visit the zone can deliver. Subsequently, Bibaculus will become enraged for 20 seconds if he is allowed to drink from the barrels and will do significantly more damage. If he's enraged just kite him around until the effect wears off then go back to killing him. Dont forget to let the tank's get a littel hate, first!


Bronco is an optional boss and most groups will skip this boss because the loot usually not of interest. The rare female version of this boss called Bronca has a chance to drop a pet. The pet is often ninja'd by the box opener, as it's a white item not affected by the default loot threshold.

Bronco's (and similarly, Bronca's) tactic is just tank'n'spank, with an Are Effect fear every 10% of his health. DPS must stop damage (don't forget pets!) at this point and allow tanks to regain aggro.


Jovus is the final boss in the instance. You will encounter a decoy Jovus on the way to him while the real Jovus is in a corner downstairs. There is a chest behind the decoy that always supplies a blue item. Proceed downstairs while clearing trash. It is safe to taunt the mob next to Jovus without actually aggravating Jovus as well.

The intended tactic for Jovus is for players to pick fans from the barrel, hotbar the fan from your inventory, and every 10% Jovus will run to the furnace and will spawn vapour adds after two seconds. This is when you use your fan to kill the vapours. If you do nothing to the adds they will spread out in the room and player's will be debuffed until every single vapour is destroyed. Then you can resume slaughtering Jovus.

The easiest tactic however is to have a caster class with an area effect spell cast immediately in front of the fireplace (preferably one that proc's fast like Demo's Waves of Flame/RoF, Necro's Blizzard or ToS with Storm Field and Aura of Nebthu. PoM (Repulse) require's good timing, as does the Conq's Fire banner) the moment the adds spawn. However this is not needed and you can achieve the same result by just waving your fanny's. Just stand back a little bit more fromt he fireplace (on the tables and next to is enough) and make sur you get them all, including the one that tries to make a getaway upstairs!

Each colour of vapour (blue, green, red, grey) also reduces your base combat stats if you attack Jovus while they are still active. This shouldn't matter if you remove each vapour. Also, if the DPS'ing is so fast the tank can't keep aggro and people are dying, SLOW DOWN. It's not a DPS race, as Jovus is soft, and is burnt quite easily anyway and the hate will reset each 10%. the fight can also be reset buy merely running back up stairs.

Quests Edit


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