Cunning Strike IV
File:Cunning Strike IV.JPG
Available to Rogue
Follow up attacks 2 (Mid)
Obtained on level 13

Stamina cost 90
Effect Inherited weapon attack
Cooldown 11 Seconds
This vicious attack intimidates the victim, making them less likely to break off from their current target to engage the rogue. Effective when the victim is already distracted battling other foes.


This attack inflicts a lot of damage with lower chances than normal than the target will break aggro and attack the rogue. It does not have any effect on aggro on targets already attacking the rogue, but it still deals a high amount of damage.


This combo deals the most damage of all Assassin's combos, at least up until level 20. Combos at higher levels haven't been compared yet.


At higher levels, this combo will end up needing two attacks to be activated.


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In-Game Images[]

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