Amazon Curved Bow Icon

Curved Amazon Bow
Binds when Picked Up
Bow - Main Hand

Not Tradable
Can Only Have One

53.3 DPS (79 - 133 (1.98s))

+5 Bow Range Modifier
+2% Fatality Chance
+2 Dexterity
+0.8 Poison Damage (ranged)

Amazon Curved Bow

From the fabled dark jungles of Amazonia the female warriors of Gamburu are well known for their combat prowess with bronze bladed shortswords and curved bows alike. At the cost of many brave lives, Hyrkanian raiders brought home a handful of the unique Amazonian bows, now mostly found in the black markets of Aquilonia. This weapon can be used from level 20 onwards by characters with proficient bow-skill.

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